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  1. Sheepo

    How to write a K AFF

    From what I have seen framework on K affs like this will come down to prioritization. The other team will always argue they cant debate you and that you are basically cheating. For most judges the way you can win framing is you--- a ) Win case, you need to prove harms and a solid way of critiquing the whole topic. If you don't Kritik the whole topic the other team has a much easier time winning. b ) Make your impact part of your framework. This means that you need to prove that their model of debate reinforces or increases whatever violence you talk about in your 1ac. If you want a baseline for a winable-ish framing doc I would recommend making answers to the arguments in the 1nc from the docs bellow. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_QPhxWnEE-uSOgNgn1qcNsc-rEAa6Zl0
  2. Sheepo

    Crazy affs for next year

    2017-Lets have a resolution with 0 neg ground 2018-Lets have a resolution with 0 aff ground 2019- Resolved the USFG should increase its regulation of car mechanics. 0 aff or neg ground Fun affs for next year--- 1---Remove the citizenship test -----Advantage: Solves for svio by not forcing a narrative of the dominant culture. 2---Annex Cuba more of a break aff. Any case answers would turn the shit out of this. -----Advantage: Hedge econ Something generic 3---Remove restrictions on immigration for foreign translators helping the military -----Key to readiness and you might be able to find key to middle east not nuking people 4---Open borders with Canada and or Mexico -----Key to relations, economic growth. Key to stopping Canada China partnership. 5---Make Puerto Rico a state -----Some svio impact Idk, Econ maby 6---Give legal citizenship to Citizens of American Samoa -----Their current status is racist
  3. Sheepo

    Making an aff

    CP: The United States Federal government should create and substantially fund debate programs in primary and secondary schools and substantially fund preexisting debate programs. Except when those debate programs are a majority Public forum or LD.
  4. Sheepo

    Daily Card

    Do you know of a good "federal intervention of education causes massive social backlash" card?
  5. Sheepo

    Title I

    States is ok but im guessing they will have answers to solvency and by iLStates answers to most funding planks Also, Parth IS our varsity. At the novice level Im almost positive you can get away with reading anything as long as its not racist or a good aff.
  6. Sheepo

    most common affs this year?

    How to run a courts aff: read Orbach and say they lose no ground and agent cps are bad. Or be northside and run the dumb version of our aff. Also at Jones one of your teams ran the GAO 10 education excludes 3 as a counter-interpretation to iikonen. and then the judges rfd was why I shouldn't use iikonen and why I should have gone for T. Alt causes to authoritarianism. Da wins because the impacts last longer than trumps presidency. Ya democracies fight less but checks and balances will prevent power war. 2 weeks ago our varsity: Parth: Idk if David will make me run Hazelwood but I don't want to. Kevin: Ya well democracy ain't got an impact so... Better Plan text: Have the USFG take over school newspaper to create media that advocates for space exploration and solutions to global warming. Advantages are plan solves any extinction and global warming.
  7. Sheepo

    Title I

    I will try to put together something for T-Resolved or T-increase. I think the argument is neg looses ground because they can conditionally defend against links and perm out of all competing worlds (probably gonna need to work on this). I will try to use a few other things recommended, thanks for the ideas!
  8. Sheepo

    Title I

    New Trier has been running this ok title I Aff for a while and most of the stuff my team has loses to it. If anyone has ideas for DAs CPs or T I could run id love to hear it. I will attach their 1ac. NewTrier_1AC.docx
  9. Sheepo

    most common affs this year?

    Ya that's the one. Hazelwood affs usually directly affect extracurricular activities and the paper says "As long as education is understood to mean activities taking place in school or school-like institutions, the range of educational studies is reduced far too narrow." To most hazelwood teams worth their cent this can easily be spun as their author advocating for their aff to be topical. I also don't think anyone should run Ikonen, the definition is usually cut from footnotes and, the whole essay is way to coded to be used for topicality. -recommended interpretation (especially for title I) Education means the classroom – anything outside of that isn’t “education”Rocca 15 independent, conservative writer and blogger of fiction and nonfiction, most interested in the philosophy of American conservatism, has written and published several books (FJ, June 14, “An Ordinary American on the Culture of Today's America,” Lulu Press) True “education” has to take place somewhere and that somewhere is in the classroom. That classroom can be defined variously. It can be a living room table, a grassy spot under the trees or, most commonly, a regular classroom with desks and chairs. For most of us, that classroom is probably in a public school The term “education” is broad and somewhat vague, and those who preach the need of more “funding” would like to keep it that way because real education requires only two components: a student who “learns” and a teacher who “teaches.” The classroom posits a kind of relationship between the teacher and the student, and, like all relationships it requires not 100% but 200% commitment; each partner in the relationship must contribute 100% dedication to it. In what is called “education,” teaching requires 100% of the teacher’s effort, while learning requires 100% of the student’s effort. The present view is deliberately skewed to make it seem as though the total only requires 100% so that the demand for more than the teacher’s share (fictionally 50%) can be made with fake legitimacy. That money which politicians and cronies demand sure as hell does not get to the classroom--the only place where true education takes place. It certainly does NOT take place in think tanks or in the offices of consultants who want to tell others what to do and think in order to get the grants and make their mark (as did Dewey). But they don’t acknowledge that what real education is because, for thousands of years, teaching and learning has taken place without them.
  10. Sheepo

    most common affs this year?

    Zero Tolerance/Title VI-Topicality, Piks with sexism or racism as impacts (<plan text> except in instances of harassment based on race or gender) ELL-No impact because of alt causes, most any da, and an advantage cp Model Minority- Framework, and answers on case, point out social changes are often kickstarted by govs or results of gov action. Hazelwood- Democracy is dumb, their evidence for impacts is usually shit, T (don't use iikonen, his paper says its topical, T-Not courts and most other education deffs work) Standardized Testing- inharency is sh!t (Movements have made ground in removing tests), Bizz con, Competitiveness DA Common Core- Fizz, case turns and states cp