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  1. SDI https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iavk2lph8ioklrp/AABTNMSsV-wN7Pa63K4qUeJCa/Evidence?dl=0
  2. TheTrashDebater and I pm'd about this and we've both decided to put this debate on hold for a few weeks due to the online debate tournament.
  3. To rephrase- How does segregated schooling affect differently abled students later on in life?
  4. Two more questions 1. How does the abuse suffered on the CP carry over to other areas? 2. What are the specific life outcomes associated with the status quo in special education?
  5. CX 1. What's the warrant to the Bowman card? 2. Why aren't the alt causes responsive to the aff? 3. What illnesses/disabilities does UDL apply to? 4. On Scenario 2 you say extend antash and imperato- is that the card tagged as "Integration of children with special needs into classes with peers fosters communicative and social skills that are necessary to equality of opportunity. The current system isolates special needs students, leaving them unprepared for the future."? If so where does it say ableism is learned? 5. The strassfeld 17 card mentions IDEAs disproportionality monitoring. How has that failed?
  6. Paradigm: Truth>Tech:I'm more likely to vote for you if I buy your impacts. Impact calc and evidence comparison are great ways to win me over. Case: I really enjoy case debate. Neg should really try on case. I'm willing to vote on presumption/case turns Ks: I'll vote on them. The more responsive to case the better. Also I like alts that are applicable in the Real World. I don't like Postmodern/High Theory stuff that much. T/Theory: Default to competing interps, but citing in-round abuse is great. CPs: Like them a lot. Lean aff on most theory issues, including 50 state fiat. DAs: Love 'em.
  7. https://www.cross-x.com/topic/34917-signup-thread-post-here-to-get-in-on-the-action/ sign-up is on here.
  8. I can judge if you want- I have basically 0 experience judging though. I can post a longer paradigm later.
  9. Order is ESPEC, Unfunded Mandate DA, Federalism DA, States CP, case word count is 2500 something (the word counter stopped working for me and it was in that ballpark last time I checked) I am now open for Cross-ex
  10. Two more questions Are charter schools required to follow the same requirements as public schools in regards to special educations? How is plan enforced? Will it be different between public and charters? If UDL has never been attempted before, how do we know it will work?
  11. Cross Ex Questions: Why is the Federal Government key to implement plan? Does your case regulate charter schools? If so how? If IDEA programs is your inherent barrier, how does case solve without removing it? Are separate placements opt in by parents? Your Swenson '17 card states "Schools can't become inclusive if parents continue to sign IEPs agreeing to separate and unequal placement" which seems to indicate that. Do all IDEA programs separate special ed kids? The swenson card talked about a "risk of placement" How does plan increase regulation? Does it just mandate schools implement UDL? How will the special needs of special need students be met while with the general population? Does your plan provide funding? Has UDL been implemented before? If so where? I'm fairly busy tomorrow, but the 1NC should be up around Wednesday.
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