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  1. I should probably be prepping for UIL state tomorrow instead of being on here. But......... I think at the point where we evaluate teams based on full year stats............. 1. Greenhill AE 2. Coppell DR 3. Westwood BS 4. Hendrickson GS 5. Jesuit HM 6. Woodlands MR 7. LASA CU 8. Kinkaid HK 9. Greenhill LW 10. Highland Park LM All of this i think will change after the TOC but for now this is it
  2. Also if y’all have some specific tournaments I should look into to form my opinion better that’d be great
  3. I just think the other 10 teams have had better years (maybe minus Jesuit GN). Like I said Kinkaid HK is a great team and they’d destroy me. I still think their good and my #11
  4. Also I didn’t include Kinkaid HK because at TFA state they broke as the 9 seed and lost to the 24. Don’t get me wrong they are an amazing team and would destroy me but they didn’t make my top 10. Quite possibly my #11
  5. Yah. Only Timothy was there. But they are LW is still going to the TOC so I think that spot suits them.
  6. Since small school already happened these are my original predictions 1A- Borden County CG 2A- Leon CR 3A- New Boston MW 4A- North Lamar v Athens in finals 5A- Mt Pleasant CT 6A- Hendrickson GS
  7. Greenhill AE and Coppell DR were Co-Champs
  8. 1. Greenhill AE 2/3. Coppell DR and Westwood BS (Both teams have had amazing years and can’t decide between them) 4. Hendrickson GS ( watched dubs v Jesuit and Dylan’s 2AR was golden) 5. Woodlands MR 6. Jesuit HM 7. Greenhill LW 8. Jesuit GN (Quarters finish at TFA I think i gives them more weight than HT 9. LASA CU 10. Highland Park ML
  9. But I do believe that list like this are hard to make because it’s rare for all the top teams to be at the same tournament.
  10. I think winning UT should at least place Westwood in the #4 spot.
  11. I think there are ups and downs to the idea of disclosure. I come from a small school that sometimes dabbles in larger tournaments but I find it incredibly hard putting my stuff on the wiki so that other people may prep it out but these other teams don’t have their stuff on there. It’s not an issue I have in terms of larger tournaments where the larger schools are good about disclosing. It’s when there are small schools at local tournaments that know how to use the wiki and just refuse to. I believe it would be wrong for me to delete stuff after it’s alrw there, so now at locals teams can prep me out but I can’t do the same. This proves to be especially detrimental at tournaments like UIL state. This is because in 4a the only 2 squads that actually somewhat utilize the wiki is us and north Lamar. This now allows the other 60 teams there to see our affs while not returning the favor. That’s the problem I have with disclosure.
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