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  1. Is there any Puerto Rico affirmative? Is such an affirmative possible? If so, are there any cards for how the US government can act on it?
  2. I need help with DA's and counter plans. Last tournament, I ran a courts counter plan and won. The thing is that the judge stated that the affirmative is the counter plan because the AFF never specified which branch of government is enacting their plan. If this is the case, when would you run the courts counter plan? I've thought about making sure to ask which branch of government would enact the AFF plan in the first cross ex to set myself up for DAs. I would make a Congress DA, courts CP, executive order DA, courts CP, Courts DA, congress CP. Then I thought about what if they refuse to answer. What then can I do? Any suggestions? Also, giving any other generic CP would be nice as well.
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