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  1. yuhboy

    TFA State 2019 Date?

    So, my partner does chess and debate, and he's afraid the respective state tournaments for those conflict. The chess tourney is March 8-10, and we don't know when tfa state is. We saw two school websites that say it's on 14-16 in houston, but I don't see where they could have gotten the info from considering it's not on the tfa website. Does anyone know when it will be, or when the info for this will be revealed?
  2. yuhboy

    Multiple Alts

    My partner and I were thinking about running multiple alternatives to one Kritik (Set Col, for example "decolonization" and "red pedagogy") and wondering how one goes about this (Or if they're even allowed to do it).
  3. yuhboy

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    State based visas affirmative off Cato's idea (federalist immigration). It has econ & fed advantage.