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  1. Had questions on what to run against Baudrillard as the negative. Obviously framework and case would be smart, but what would be good kritiks to run against it that link hard into Baudrillard? I literally have no idea if there are any strong Kritiks to run against it, so I'm asking you guys. Thanks.
  2. Recently attended a tournament, and looked at my speaker points from it, and I can't seem to where it fits on the whole speaker point "spectrum". Should speaker points be evaluated solely off that number without regard of other factors? By that I mean, if you see what someone averaged, could you tell where it would be, or would you have to compare it to the tournament competitors? I'm sure a 27 average is recognized as universally bad, and a 29 average is universally good, but what about the in between? What should one strive for in regards to speaker point average? Also had a question on partner speaker point differentials. My partner and I had an average differential of .5 points (28.45 - 27.95 w/ 6 rounds) Is that a huge or considerable disparity? What deficit should one not try to go over? I hope my questions aren't confusing. Just wanted to clear up on this whole "speaker point" things.
  3. Does the advocacy of a K aff always function like an alt in a Kritik? Do they always work outside of the state, and be totally anti-statist? Do they have to mention this in the 1AC? For a k aff I'm trying to make, I talk about affirming grassroots movement among people (which is aff def of USFG), engaging in infra-politics of refusal, and just working without the state. Is it also 100% necessary to pre-empt framework arguments the neg could make in the 1AC? I just want to make a strong K aff, and be sure I'm not going on the wrong track. Thanks!
  4. So, my partner does chess and debate, and he's afraid the respective state tournaments for those conflict. The chess tourney is March 8-10, and we don't know when tfa state is. We saw two school websites that say it's on 14-16 in houston, but I don't see where they could have gotten the info from considering it's not on the tfa website. Does anyone know when it will be, or when the info for this will be revealed?
  5. yuhboy

    Multiple Alts

    My partner and I were thinking about running multiple alternatives to one Kritik (Set Col, for example "decolonization" and "red pedagogy") and wondering how one goes about this (Or if they're even allowed to do it).
  6. State based visas affirmative off Cato's idea (federalist immigration). It has econ & fed advantage.
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