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    Explain K Authors

    Never mind, I found some other threads that answer my questions. Thanks anyway!
  2. LinkItToNuclearWar

    Explain K Authors

    Can someone give me a short summary of some of the more popular K author's philosophies and what they mean in the context of debate?
  3. LinkItToNuclearWar

    Transitioning into spreding

    Also tongue twisters can be really helpful for annuciation
  4. LinkItToNuclearWar

    Need Help With Arguing Condo Bad

    I'm just beginning to get it to harder stuff like theory and whatnot and need help with conditionality 1) Should I argue it in the first place? Do judges hate that kind of thing? 2) If so, do I need evidence or can I just explain how it's unfair and we should win, etc. And just anything you could tell me about the topic would be helpful!