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  1. If you just want an overview or something short about the topic, there are youtube videos out there for some theory. Similar to the response above, you can always have your computer read a word document/PDF file for you. If you don't have that option on your computer (try looking online: how to enable diction on [insert computer name] ), you can always go to google translate, translate from English to English, and paste the text so that the voice can help you focus better on the text itself.
  2. I'm assuming you already found this CNN article: https://www.cnn.com/2017/02/11/politics/immigration-roundups-community-fear/index.html I don't think I've seen a card while going through my files saying anything similar, but you're right, the article has a couple of sentences with parents' opinions, and there are multiple spots where the article just supports the ICE raids. Will keep looking though.
  3. Post: Cap links for critical pedagogy args? I see what you did there.
  4. Topicality is argued in Novice Rounds too. Just because it is in the Novice case areas and/or in the packet doesn't mean its topical, only the evidence presented in round about how education/regulation/etc. is defined in the resolution prevails while running T.
  5. FiatDoubleBind


    This is not true. There are always exceptions. Good theory, include a concession to prevent over-generalization.
  6. Legend has it she still looks for the perfect computer... For real though I posted since the last guy posted without looking at the original date XD
  7. I would recommend windows 10 for debate (and pretty much anything else for that matter). For debate, however, here are my reasons for preferring Windows 10. The start on Windows 8 is full-screen, kinda annoying if you just want to open something like a timer (or verbatim if its pinned to start) during round while being able to do something in the background. I also like the multiple desktops in Windows 10, allows for better organization in Windows 10 (absent in Windows 8, but I used an app called Dexpot to fill that need). Windows 8 linking everything to your Microsoft account is kind of annoying for me, and I don't really like everything I do being "seen" by Microsoft since 1) the account is linked to the OS and 2) You send "anonymous" usage statistics in Windows 8 if logged in (there might be a way to disable it, not sure). If you really want an older operating system and not Windows 10, I would recommend Windows 7 since its my second favorite since Microsoft just messed everything up in Windows 8 IMO. Microsoft themselves reverted back to a more Windows 7-esque feel with Windows 10, just because Windows 8 received so much negativity. I have used macOS before too, and it's better than Windows 8 because mac is built for user experience over high-end performance. I just prefer Windows 10 over all as of now. Tl;DR Windows 8 < Windows 7/10/macOS.
  8. So I'm looking for ways to improve my speech. I think I am proficient enough in terms of evidence and counterarguments and DAs and CPs and Ks, I just feel like my speech is what is causing me to lose rounds. What are ways you guys practice for it to b beneficial in round and help convey yourself and your arguments better?
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