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  1. I'm not sure if it has too many words because my verbatim claims that there are 1000 words that are tags but I am pretty sure there aren't because I have a basic skill of estimation. There are 300 words max but just send back however many I sent yikes.
  2. I don't mind either, just let me know.
  3. Sorry I'm just reading this, we can do 1,600 words
  4. Okay so my partner and I were planning on going to DDI this year and my coach knows the owners so it was no big deal. She decided to do this other thing and now I'll be the only one going. Now I don't know what to do because last time I went to debate camp like half of my debate team went to UTD and the other half went to UTNIF. Mind you I live pretty far from Dartmouth and I won't know anything. I am not even that good at debate like let's be real. I just need a lil encouragement that I'll find a good partner I won't be dragging down.. Should I still go? Also can anyone just generally describe what DDI was like from their perspective and not the websites "I love this camp yay!"
  5. The education topic, I run Impact aid which is just increase money for federally funded schools.
  6. I am regularly a 1n/2a but I would like to practice being aff for a varsity round before I actually have a tournament so that I can get the gist of it. I run an impact aid aff, would anyone like to debate as the neg?
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