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  1. Georgetown is the only one I could find that has theirs available
  2. I don't know about your second question, but for the first one, what me and my partner usually do is use rhetoric like "don't let them get away with that" or honestly you could just incite automatic win as the judge is not very informed on policy debate. You could say that you automatically win because they dropped the arguments but also go in depth on why, in your specific case, its important that the judge votes for the off as they have a flawless plan, since the neg conceded and failed to present their disadvantages on their last speech. Best of luck and I hope I was of help!
  3. As a Policy debater, I address my opponents as "my opponent(s)", "they", and sometimes as "the (whatever speech it was; e.g. "the 2NC")." However, avoid using gendered pronouns.
  4. I miss the weekly cards that were uploaded last year. They were great for people who are to busy to constantly find good cards. I beg that someone starts that again. Pls. Do it for Gerkhy.
  5. I usually don't change them too much, but sometimes it helps in persuasion. If effectiveness is what you are looking for, the try to mention the gaff's plan in them e.g.- Trump right now is dedicated to build the wall at all means necessary, funding (insert the specifics of what is being funded by the aff) would be a great opportunity to introduce a bipartisan deal and have the dems vote on it. (Aff's plan) passing means the wall is built
  6. I've gone against a "fund schools in Puerto Rico and replace the current system of financial aid they receive"
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