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  1. I mean, it's probably good to write your own theory blocks in a way that makes sense to you Here's how I'd do it: Violation: the aff misconstrued/falsified x piece of evidence *give proof that this evidence is falsified, such as the original article* it's a voter for 3 reasons 1-fairness-it's impossible to debate when your opponents contrive evidence because they can give authority to any claim they want which tilts the debate in their favor 2-education-you can't learn from a debate when evidence is falsified because false truth claims will be made and they likely won't be about the topic 3-argument responsibility-learning to effectively interpret and defend evidence is key to civic engagement -link to democracy or something
  2. I feel like this debate has demonstrated a lot of the toxicity within the debate community coming from a variety of different perspectives. Things like hostility or rudeness have been especially prevalent in this debate and in the broader community, and they are often just plain harmful and traumatic to people in the community. If you're good at debate, you shouldn't need to be rude to your opponents or try to use intimidation tactics to overwhelm them. The debate space may be better and more open than it was 20 years ago, but there are still deep problems within debate that virtually every debater I know has seen or experienced, from debaters jokingly using the f-slur when discussing a different debater to debaters knowingly using the wrong pronouns to describe others to judges straight up down voting female debaters for not wearing heels. I'm very disappointed in this debate and the community as a whole.
  3. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

  4. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

    If anyone has the highlighted Michigan set col files I'd be willing to trade for those too.
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a highlighted version of the UTNIF Settler Colonialism file? PM me and I'm willing to trade.
  6. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

    Hi, Does anyone have a highlighted version of the Settler Colonialism file produced by UTNIF? PM me and I'm willing to trade.
  7. XrossEcramination

    Scorpion Death K

    This is a 6 year old thread y'all how did you find it?
  8. XrossEcramination

    Finals TOC livestream

    I honestly have no idea who will win this. Blue Valley has destroyed at this TOC, with Stephen Lowe getting top speaker and only losing one prelim round (to top seed Greenhill EG). However, they've dropped a couple ballots in elims, while Monta Vista only dropped once the whole tournament. Monta Vista also beat MBA BJ on a 3-0 in semis, which is pretty impressive. At this point in the debate, I've got no clue.
  9. XrossEcramination

    Finals TOC livestream

    Who put up the video?
  10. XrossEcramination

    Prep Group

    use the slack and dropbox if you want
  11. What happened with the reps k that was deleted in this debate? can someone pm me the original 1nc-i'd just like to see what the perceived problem was?
  12. XrossEcramination

    Immigration Topic Pre-Season

    Does anybody want to start making files for the immigration topic next year so that we can get a head start? If anybody is interested I'll make a slack and dropbox. Edit: Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/immigrationpreseason/shared_invite/enQtMzE0MDc3NDg0NzQyLWI0YjFiMDc3YTgwMTJhN2I4Njg2ZjgxNGI1NWFjYTQxNTE2NTA0MDE1OGQxNjVlNDQ5ZmI3MjIwNTU3Mjk0ZTU
  13. XrossEcramination

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    What affs do y'all think people will run next year. K and Policy.