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  1. XrossEcramination

    Texas Teams?

    Being able to think on the fly is a great skill, but debate is not just that. If there is no disclosure except for 5 minutes before the round then there's no incentive to ever do pre-round prep because you don't know what affs you have to prep against. And people breaking new affs or reading old affs that are modified lets people think on the fly plenty. Making every 1NC during the 1AC means that debates often default to generics and have bad strategy because you only had 8 minutes to plan out your whole strategy. Maintaining a wiki is incredibly easy as long as you regularly update it, and if schools refuse to meet this basic standard of courtesy when trying to going to tournaments and end up having trouble then oh well, should've updated your wiki. Disclosure theory is probably not the worst argument, because there's an obvious disparity in fairness when x small school gets to look at the wikis of everyone they might debate at a tournament but nobody gets to look at theirs, which means that x small school can enter every debate with in-depth strategies and answers while everyone else is coming up with their 1nc during the 1ac, which structurally favors the aff. 1-It's not a better practice for smaller schools. If x tiny school debates y tiny school and neither of them has a wiki, then they get a shallow and generic debate because neither of them had any chance at guessing what their opponents might do. Going into every single debate not knowing what could happen means that ideas won't be tested or explored as in depth as they could be if you just disclosed. 2-It actively supports the "reading bad blocks at each other" style of debate because there's usually not enough time to prep a whole 8 minute 2AC or 2NC from scratch when you only knew what the debate was going to be about a few minutes before or even during the debate. When debaters can't have lots of pre-round prep they'll just read generics at each other and not contextualize to each others arguments-look at the Fed DA/States CP debate that happened probably a few thousand times on the education topic and was pretty much the same 90% of those times. 3-You liking "the challenge of not prepping teams out beforehand" doesn't mean that everyone will do that. That's not accessible to all debaters because some people process things differently and might need more time to do pre-round prep. If you don't want to prep, then do whatever, but your bad disclosure is making the choice for other people which isn't great. If you're a small school with no coaching, chances are that MBA or Greenhill isn't that worried about you and probably won't over prep your aff. Big schools often spend the most time prepping against other big schools who they're scared of. There will also inevitable be some disparities between big schools and small schools, but not disclosing doesn't help that-if anything it makes it worse. The reason that big schools are successful is because they spend a ridiculous amount of time on prep, and there's not a super great remedy to that for small schools. It's also much better that a small school gets the aff of a big school in advance so that they can do some prep for it, even if it's limited. If you lose because the other team did more prep against you than you did against them, you deserve to lose that debate. They put in more work and they should win. An "element of surprise" might sound great against MBA or Greenhill, but what about when you hit a school smaller than yours and hit them with your "element of surprise." That's a bad and shallow debate. And an "element of surprise" doesn't really do that much to give you a fairer debate against a giant school because your aff probably isn't that different from one that they've prepped so far and they can use that against you, and they've got tens of thousands of pages of backfiles that they can apply to your aff. Yea disclosure is dope. Innovation in round shouldn't be the only standard of debate because, while quick thinking is a nice skill, there are some people who need to have more pre-round prep to get familiar with arguments, and forcing them to adapt to "innovation in round" makes their experience of debate worse and means that they won't be able to debate as well as they could have if you'd disclosed. Even if you don't disclose the entire 1AC, at least disclose what aff it is, the plan and advantages or something. Bad disclosure that only happens right before the round is definitely not more accessible or reasonable. Updating your wiki isn't "giving up your footing" it's making debate better. If the only way that you win debates is by surprising your opponents so that they don't have anything to say against you, you aren't doing good debating. The norms that small schools follow often aren't great. I've heard a lot of small school debaters say and do quite bad things because the circuits they regularly compete in are stuck in the 90s. It's not "elitist" to want to give people a more fair shot at pre-round prep. It's also not telling small schools exactly how to disclose, just that they should do it and not just 5 minutes before a round. The only reason the wiki is a great standard is because it's free and easy and everyone can access to it. Even teams that do use the wiki use it in lots of different ways-some open source everything, some put cites for everything, some just put up their 1acs. Disclosure norms that have been set up by the debate community are almost universally a pretty good thing, and getting people to follow them is great for debate. Yea emailing disclosure is fine but not as great as wiki disclosure, and this doesn't account for the people who aren't on the Dallas circuit. It's also important to have a centralized place for disclosure, like the wiki, because disclosing on a website like this or just if someone emails you isn't going to get around to as many people, because most debaters aren't on this website. If you're going to a big tournament like St. Marks and all 70 other teams who are going email you individually for speech docs, that's a lot more work for you than it is to just update your wiki so they can all look at it without bugging you. Disclosure is good people. Do it. Your small school whining doesn't really hold up.
  2. XrossEcramination

    Texas Teams?

    Just disclose. It literally takes like 5 minutes and you can easily do it after each debate or at least after every tournament. There's not a right to disclosure, but you probably shouldn't be taking advantage of other debaters by seeing what they've disclosed when you won't at least do the same. If you have a problem remembering past 2NRs there's a super easy solution to that: use your wiki.
  3. I mean, it's probably good to write your own theory blocks in a way that makes sense to you Here's how I'd do it: Violation: the aff misconstrued/falsified x piece of evidence *give proof that this evidence is falsified, such as the original article* it's a voter for 3 reasons 1-fairness-it's impossible to debate when your opponents contrive evidence because they can give authority to any claim they want which tilts the debate in their favor 2-education-you can't learn from a debate when evidence is falsified because false truth claims will be made and they likely won't be about the topic 3-argument responsibility-learning to effectively interpret and defend evidence is key to civic engagement -link to democracy or something
  4. I feel like this debate has demonstrated a lot of the toxicity within the debate community coming from a variety of different perspectives. Things like hostility or rudeness have been especially prevalent in this debate and in the broader community, and they are often just plain harmful and traumatic to people in the community. If you're good at debate, you shouldn't need to be rude to your opponents or try to use intimidation tactics to overwhelm them. The debate space may be better and more open than it was 20 years ago, but there are still deep problems within debate that virtually every debater I know has seen or experienced, from debaters jokingly using the f-slur when discussing a different debater to debaters knowingly using the wrong pronouns to describe others to judges straight up down voting female debaters for not wearing heels. I'm very disappointed in this debate and the community as a whole.
  5. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

  6. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

    If anyone has the highlighted Michigan set col files I'd be willing to trade for those too.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a highlighted version of the UTNIF Settler Colonialism file? PM me and I'm willing to trade.
  8. XrossEcramination

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

    Hi, Does anyone have a highlighted version of the Settler Colonialism file produced by UTNIF? PM me and I'm willing to trade.
  9. XrossEcramination

    Scorpion Death K

    This is a 6 year old thread y'all how did you find it?
  10. XrossEcramination

    Finals TOC livestream

    I honestly have no idea who will win this. Blue Valley has destroyed at this TOC, with Stephen Lowe getting top speaker and only losing one prelim round (to top seed Greenhill EG). However, they've dropped a couple ballots in elims, while Monta Vista only dropped once the whole tournament. Monta Vista also beat MBA BJ on a 3-0 in semis, which is pretty impressive. At this point in the debate, I've got no clue.
  11. XrossEcramination

    Finals TOC livestream

    Who put up the video?
  12. XrossEcramination

    Prep Group

    use the slack and dropbox if you want
  13. What happened with the reps k that was deleted in this debate? can someone pm me the original 1nc-i'd just like to see what the perceived problem was?
  14. XrossEcramination

    Immigration Topic Pre-Season

    Does anybody want to start making files for the immigration topic next year so that we can get a head start? If anybody is interested I'll make a slack and dropbox. Edit: Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/immigrationpreseason/shared_invite/enQtMzE0MDc3NDg0NzQyLWI0YjFiMDc3YTgwMTJhN2I4Njg2ZjgxNGI1NWFjYTQxNTE2NTA0MDE1OGQxNjVlNDQ5ZmI3MjIwNTU3Mjk0ZTU
  15. XrossEcramination

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    What affs do y'all think people will run next year. K and Policy.