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  1. HI, wtf thx, everyone on this site
  2. lmao is this evergoing to get made?
  3. Only for for like 2-3 things in the block. Like maybe u take T and Cp and case and the 1nr is a da
  4. I’m apologizing for anything bad that was taken out of Context. When I agree with zidao it wasn’t any attack on anyone or any beliefs . What I mean is I disagree with the aff structure. Like the cards and the formatting. Not any political statement. I was gonna explain further but for the time the debate was still on and I wanted to wait for the rfd. I’m sorry to anyone who felt bad or felt attacked.
  5. lmao Zidao is probs right, but its probs best to wait for comments till after this debate. Then its probs best for everyone.
  6. Lol tho. Why make the K file link last only for a little. It’s kinda dumb. Either help the community out by giving the file or just don’t five it. Like idk how many people actually got it. Lol just post it
  7. hit me up pl with it at 549669@kernhigh.org
  8. Isbrar

    Card Help

    can someone help me find a card saying that trump is the largest restriction on immigration. I read something about it but I cant find it. Thanks
  9. looking at the commons alt, on daily card, what does it look like. It sounds like Communism? Is it different or...
  10. Read spending to states. Currently states have huge budget crisis. Make it a spending da to states cp. you can use that states lack funding card as the uq to the da or as a states solvency deficit
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