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  1. How do I answer the neg argument that immigration doesn't solve aging? I am specifically looking at Camarota 16.
  2. MattYee

    How should I address my opponent?

    Thank you all for the replies! I have always used pronouns to describe opponents; however, I was looking for something a bit different. "Representative" sounds good but is not really applicable.
  3. In Congress they say "Representative", how should I address my policy opponent in CX? I want to avoid "You" since it sounds unprofessional imo.
  4. MattYee

    Planless Aff?

    Thank you so much for the responses. I've been prepping this case for the progressive judges in the area. I have a good deal of research under my belt. I just can't seem to imagine how to address T arguments, especially USFG and reduce. It seems as though the plan advocates open borders. But it doesn't have a plan and it only advocates epistemological/ontological change. Plz help.
  5. MattYee

    Planless Aff?

    Quantum Life. My understanding of the case is that borders hinder our ability to understand the cosmos. But idk. The case is written largely in incomprehensibly verbose postmodern BS.
  6. MattYee

    Planless Aff?

    So, I compete in a primarily stock/comms area and am interested in running a K-Aff. I found one that I like but it doesn't have a plan. I'm sure this is a novice question but how would I go about running a case without a plan? Also, how do I defend T? How does the USFG substantially reduce anything?
  7. MattYee

    wtf is Quantum Life

    therin lies my question. the case is incredibly verbose to the point that it is difficult to comprehend.
  8. MattYee

    Crazy affs for next year

    The number of immigrants allowed is a barrier and of itself.
  9. MattYee

    Crazy affs for next year

    haha I have so many A2 cards against morality.
  10. MattYee

    Crazy affs for next year

    Immigrants donate organs and are in turn given full, fast-tracked naturalization with no fees and a tax deduction. Organs are given to help the 121,000 on the organ transplant waiting list.
  11. MattYee

    How do you answer debaters who use no evidence?

    Answer the way you would answer any other Kritik: F-POSTAL. The only difference is that you have the advantage since they have no lit to back their claims. F-POSTAL is as follows: Framework Perm Offense Solvency Deficit -the K alt doesnt solve. Theory attack the Alt attack the Link
  12. MattYee

    Normativity Kritik

    Thanks so much! I think i'll cut a short K just to have evidence for it. The premise is a whole lot clearer now. thanks!
  13. MattYee

    Normativity Kritik

    Looking for a normativity Kritik for my team. Anyone know where I could find one? Thanks in advance.
  14. MattYee

    Normativity Kritik

    Looking for a normativity Kritik for my team. Anyone know where I could find one? Thanks in advance.