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  1. I'm writing a suffering commodification K/ Charity Cannibalism K. I have it mostly finished but what could I run with it to not bite the K? also what are the best authors for the topic??
  2. I've run rosa parks before. It works with the right judge but remember judge adaptation is key. Bullying K and White Privlege K are meh. Facts bad is as bad as it asserts facts are.
  3. nope. removal of USC sec. 1182 either in whole or in part, cant remember off the top of my head.
  4. The aff called for the removal of either all or a part of USC Sec. 1182 (inadmissibility) specifically barring those who are a danger to themselves and/or others.
  5. At a recent invitational, I hit a team that I respect very much and ended up conceding the round. It was my first ever concession. Im not proud of it. Im never doing it again. However, I must give credit where credit is due: their aff is hella good. Theyre running an ableism policy aff with kritical advantages. How do I compete with this? I didnt have any case and the only off that linked was DnG so thats what i ran.
  6. I totally feel you. I was in your boat at one point too. As far as spreading goes, start by focusing on quality instead of quantity, and practice reading aloud for 30 min a day. Do the pen drill, work on speed and you will get better. In regards to jargon and flowing, I reccomend the Go Fight Win youtube series. It is a comprehensive guide to policy debate and will cover all of the fundamentals of CX debate. Additionally, if you are using open evidence, stop now. Start cutting your own cases. This will give you better cases and will help you to better understand the concepts you are debating. Practice debates are also great. If you have any questions email me at mpy2019@gmail.com. id be happy to help you with debate and if your partner is down, my partner and I would be happy to do practice debates with yall on discord.
  7. We ran a VA reform CP against the U Visas aff and they said that prioritizing veterans is "problematic" and that we should be dropped because of it. The pretense behind the cp was that the aff is like a crack whore who wants to adopt six kids. Need to help our own etc. Etc.
  8. This past weekend, the opposing team ran a "drop the team" argument and refered to it as the "K to the DA" and the "K to the CP", could someone help me out with this? They didnt read a proper K, and nobody runs this kind of arg on the side of the state i normally compete on.
  9. I normally go 4-5 off and case but i don't think I'm using the block effectively.
  10. The problem is I don't really have one. I run the most applicable off case and then run on case with the remaining time.
  11. So I'm on my third year doing policy and I'm looking to improve my game. I win consistently on aff but really suck at neg. I often struggle to win even one negative round at local tournaments. What can I do to improve my game? I've stopped running things from open-ev, I've begun cutting my own cases and learning about how to break up speeches. Thanks in advance.
  12. How do I answer the neg argument that immigration doesn't solve aging? I am specifically looking at Camarota 16.
  13. Thank you all for the replies! I have always used pronouns to describe opponents; however, I was looking for something a bit different. "Representative" sounds good but is not really applicable.
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