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  1. 3. Ill kick if you straight turn either 4. yes 7. IP is for warming according to the DA also the DA and K are separate worlds 9. It is to prevent a pivot towards you solve racism and white flight etc... 10. altcause is a solvency deficit lol doesn't matter
  2. 1. The alt is to withdraw faith and participation from capitalism which means t cease in all capitalist activities and mindsets 2. They are different worlds 3. I'll go for one they are dispositional 4. CP has the 50 states work together in order to prevent exclusionary zoning and enforce integration functionally it does the effects of the aff 5. The interstate compact and FIAT allows for enforcement 6. The prevention of exclusionary practices 7. I would argue that economic growth doesn't lead to innovation 8. Sure 9. It's to prevent a 1aar pivot 10. because there will stil be low income schools without quality education
  3. Ok Cross-X Questions- What is the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment? How does the aff change curriculum? Why is quality education Good? What is considered Quality Education? What about racial Integration solves quality education? How does the aff prevent things such as white flight? You say the aff ins[ires othe rsocial change how does the aff overcome structural racism? How does the aff ensure that urban school districts get adequate funding?
  4. Ill judge based on the 1NC/AC I don't think it would have made a dramatic difference in the strategic choices of wither side also I'll just give my paradigm based on what applies in this debate Impacts are important use CX strategically Evidence comparison and choose in the final rebuttals Theory- Condo- Don't care debate it out be smart I'm a 2N so a fan of neg cheating but as I give the 1AR I'm sympathetic to that as well SPEC args- I think they are stupid not saying I won't vote o them because they do have their utilities but I would need clear examples of in round abuse in the 2NR to be persuaded to vote on it States- It's fine there are different levels of cheating so it's really up to the debaters and the round as to whether or not I would end up voting on theory in the debate although having debated this before I do think that having like 5 funding planks and FIATing out of every solvency deficit is probably cheating and the neg should have to do some real debating Case- Do it I love it I think it isn't utilized enough my favorite 2NR will be a DA and Case especially love a good impact turn debate DA- 1. Impact Impact Impact- it's important weigh it IL turn it whatever just engage with each others impacts 2. DOn't be stupid and O/W you'r link in the block with UQ cards 3. Framing debates are interesting if done right boring otherwise CP- 1. If aff win a marginal solvency deficit 2. ALWAYS make a perm
  5. Ill debate you Id like to be neg though if that's alright
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