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  1. so I'm looking into going to some out of state tournaments to watch competitions at tournaments my school is debating at. I have no problem paying my fees, and my grades are fine; I have no issue making accommodations with teachers for missed class, etc. does anybody know of any secondary KSHSAA rules that would prohibit me or others from traveling to watch debates? I'm reading the handbook but it's a bit long and I'm worried I might miss something. thanks to anyone who can help
  2. i agree with nonegfiat and ryan, but i personally don't so i don't get hate if the card sucks, haha! but i think its a matter of personal preference and if you want credit, go ahead!
  3. democrats are orienting their campaign around failed republican education policy, so when gov passes popular plan like aff it upsets democratic midterms strategy and makes republicans win seats instead of democrats, which triggers internal link, etc. if you need more of an explanation i can go more in depth, its pretty much just a standard midterms disad saying democrat majority key to impeach trump basically the link card im looking for would just a general card, our current link card mentions failed vouchers policies, specifically vouchers, so the link threshold is low for any aff that isn't vouchers.
  4. here's a few framing cards, includes memmi as well edit: file didn't attach Racism 1st cards.docx
  5. in need of a link card saying that fed gov action in education flips democratic strategy for midterm elections or says that dems are orienting their campaign around failed devos education policies; our current link card mentions an instance of vouchers and is a bit risky. thanks!
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