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  1. 21savage

    Texas Teams?

    thats where you're wrong my g. small schools usually emphasize extemporaneous type prep when debating. for example, I created the first wiki page for North Lamar in it's 20+ year debate history. before then the first time we made 1NC's was in the 8 minutes the 1AC was being read. I know it's difficult for big schools to grasp this idea, but small schools don't use the wiki at all most of the time. the expectation for teams at "larger" tournaments to disclose now disadvantages smaller schools because when they don't create a wiki (because they don't even know about it) they lose on disclosure theory (which is the worst argument in debate). NL has a wiki but we never use the wiki itself. me and garrett typically ask what the aff is right before the round for a few reasons - 1) its better practice for smaller schools than ourselves 2) it prevents the "reading bad blocks at each other" style of debate and discourages two ships passing in the night type debate and 3) we lowkey like the challenge of not prepping teams out beforehand, hence the *sometimes* bad strategy critique someone had of me lmao. I understand the equitable ground the wiki gives an opportunity for, but it has turned into a tool that is used to disadvantage small teams. This once again goes back to the prep coach standard - let's say I'm a small school, I use the wiki but have no prep coaches. MBA or Ghill gets my aff and their array of coaches prep out the pre-typed blocks for the debaters to read. Meanwhile, I get their aff, make my own strategy with limited evidence and blocks due to time and personnel, and then lose because the other big school out resourced me in the preparation period. Those schools can cut cards at a 10:1 rate than I can - it's way more fair if there's at least an element of surprise.
  2. 21savage

    Texas Teams?

    What of the 4 teams in UNT semis? CC is from OK so no including them but there's still - Hebron KL North Lamar HH Jesuit HT
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