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  1. NDT finals 2017 rutgers reads embodiment fw which isnt T but is fw I believe
  2. Ok thank you so much that's really helpful.
  3. What is it? What lit can I read to understand it? Anything else that might be helpful in relation to cybernetics?
  4. Sorry to everyone i am going to have to drop out of the tournament because of irl stuff
  5. 2AC will be up soon. Sorry for the delay i have a lot of irl stuff rn
  6. CX T 1. How does focusing on curriculum affs make debate better/more predictable? Waiver 2. How does waiver authority work? CPs 3. Status? 4. Can you kick planks/states? Innovation DA 5. How does the aff actually disrupt this innovative learninng? 6. Are you saying we shouldn't call out teachers for being racist? 7. How does the aff cause "different treatment"? OCR 8. How do we make the OCR do data collection? 9. Why wouldn't outside policies and funding solve? 10. Is there a single warrant in the 1nc that says the OCR will stop functioning if they lose a few employees and searchable online public database? 11. If we are step towards solving these discriminatory policies wouldn't we help the OCR's workload? PTX 12. Why are we "the federal education debate" that you claim leads to your impact? 13. Wouldn't fiat solve? 14. Is there an I/L between the bill not passing and no more banks or whatever? Framing 15. berezow and campbell meaning? how does it apply to the debate? Is it talking about the same type of framing we do in debate? 16. Silliman 3 seems to be talking about racist impacts of policy options that would doom solvency how does this support your framing? 17. How do you weigh possibilistic thinking? 18. If you believed these disads were possible why wouldn't you be trying to stop these impacts in the real world? Case 19. Circumvents argg how does it apply because we don't use courts?
  7. Our plan text says the United States federal government is the actor we use however our evidence indicates we use the department of education Edit: answer was incomplete
  8. I apologize to everyone but i have to concede i don't have time to type it all up
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