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  1. RT @ShrugCap: Full transparency: We cannot invest in AR startups with tweets containing more than 10 hashtags

  2. RT @ForensicsThings: leaving for cfl’s in 7 days aaaaihaventpracticedsincetheseasonendedaaaa

  3. RT @reyestarkk: THE BEST MARVEL EDIT IVE EVER SEEN OH MY GODhttps://t.co/ik96mNqSFR

  4. RT @ItsMikeKay: Uber has just announced its newest tier: UberEntourage https://t.co/7KWVX2GXrp

  5. RT @HITBSecConf: WE’RE COMING BACK TO DUBAI! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! #HITB2018DXB will be November 25th - 29th 2018! Website goes live in May,…

  6. RT @perm_theDA: When you’re halfway through the speech doc in the 2AC but realize you only have a minute left on the timer https://t.co/0iW…

  7. RT @Things4Debaters: afrofuturism aff but instead of debating you just watch black panther the entire round

  8. Anyone want to debate?

  9. Are there any good ones for Policy?

  10. Are there any good ones for congress?

  11. Are there any good ones for PF?

  12. Are there any good ones for LD?

  13. What debate camps are out there

  14. Anyone want to trade or exhange? PM me for info

  15. Anyone want to do a vdebate? Im open to a full one or to just even a simplified one... hmu if you're interested.

  16. Focusing on the issue of uniqueness, I want to collab with anyone who wants to help me write an Asian/Mexican narrative K.

  17. There are many ways automobiles could advance, but I see #AutonomousVehicles as the next frontier. #WEF18 https://t.co/yU6IAz31T6

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