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  1. RT @ShrugCap: Full transparency: We cannot invest in AR startups with tweets containing more than 10 hashtags

  2. RT @ForensicsThings: leaving for cfl’s in 7 days aaaaihaventpracticedsincetheseasonendedaaaa

  3. RT @reyestarkk: THE BEST MARVEL EDIT IVE EVER SEEN OH MY GODhttps://t.co/ik96mNqSFR

  4. RT @ItsMikeKay: Uber has just announced its newest tier: UberEntourage https://t.co/7KWVX2GXrp

  5. Sorry I have never done this. I will post something in a few hours
  6. Quick question (pause round sorry) whose the judge or is there any judge?
  7. Follow up questions: (1.) Who is we? (4.) Theres no clear link chain to come to those conclusions. thats the reason why im asking (5.) Then antonio is your only argument against solvency correct?
  8. CX Questions, I apologize for the lateness of these 1. Why vote neg? 2. Which args are condo? 3. Historically prove to me which wars the US participated that economic collapse was not the cause of war 4. Give warrant for point 6,7, "finally" AND all of adv 2 5. Where in your Antonio evidence does it warrant specifically that the Rao Ross 14 evidence is powertagged
  9. I apologize, the answer that I had provided was meant for another thread/round. The AFF, is *not* pre-fiat and that this is just a case where it we have come up with the complete job because of agency coordination and the overlying problem which HIAs can solve meaning we have access to our impacts and that the 1AC is still a viable proponent in voting aff for this round.
  10. 1. yes and no, ultimately the judge votes affirmative because the plan is something that is both good and works. 2. yes being a complete pre-fiat plan allows for the aff to be topical and effective in the debate space.
  11. 1. Are you going to kick out of T? 2. Explain to me in your own words what your K is and why should it hold and even be evaluated in the round... 3. Provide the round something more relevant in terms of where collapse doesn't lead to war than some person discussing world war 2 which by the way was 73 years ago. 4. Define Robust in the terms of HIAs in the United States 5. The year 2000 from Bennet consisted of the Bush administration, the military budget has significantly increased in the past 18 years. why is this card relevant to proving your point? 6. Has the US international presence truly declined? 7. What is the timeframe for any/all of the Heg args? 8. (lol if you gonna use Haass 13 at least cut the card correctly so that way its not misleading) What other country would be best to fill the void if the US was not present? 9. Do you not consider the declared bombings against Syria a war? 10. (Cohen 17) How would a canadian professor know the interworkings of the US nuclear system? 11. (Q9) How would a british "international security expert" know the interworkings of the US nuclear system which I promise you has changed since 2009? 12. Hurricane Harvey was that storm that rocked everything around where I live in Texas, is this not the storm that Azarcon 13 was discussing? And if it is not, then please explain where in the card that one specific storm in which he is talking about... 13. Where is the connection to the schools part of HIA, which my plan focuses on, in your Cole et all 8 card from a decade ago? 14. Why consider the NEG at this point?
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