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  1. Open Ev is where TF it's at, you probably already knew about that though. Honestly, your best option would be watching videos of high-level rounds on youtube other than that.
  2. Being soft left isn't that abnormal, you should definitely be prepared to see more of that. T, PIC's, Politics DA's, generic DA's, and pretty much every kritik will still link. On case you could have just run generic solvency takeouts and it would have been fine. No reason to concede in that round at all.
  3. what effect have the midterms had on policy affs?
  4. damn, ngl, that's pretty sadistic dude.
  5. I feel like you don't need another card for that argument, just use the ev you've already read.
  6. I guess the issue that you're running into then is that the Aff was cut very quickly from one source. There are other cards out there that do the trick and the magic wand of fiat lol
  7. What's the best way that I can download all of the Open Ev Files? I've seen downloaders from past years and I'm really sick of clicking links and waiting for the download
  8. There are lots of cards that talk about how S-Visas actually do provide LPR??? They should be in the CNDI files, I ran them a lot at camp. Limits is a standard so I'm not super sure how to help you there, if your C/i is that Visas are topical then just answer it by saying that visas still have functional limits, a lot of the Visas that they say would explode the topic are way to small to base an aff on, like one that allows inter-department transfers of employee for corporations.
  9. One issue you run into is that they could probably turn the hell out of your case, there's a lot of evidence that immigration actually Boosts the economy. Also you should focus on how the current system is capitalist. I would also recommend doing your own research about how current standards around Immigration replicate the harms you are looking for, I recognized a couple of cards and tags from this years open ev Lol.
  10. Prepare to get the living shit critiqued out of you.
  11. If they say that their paradigm is Stocks then remember the SHITS, Solvency, Harms, Inherency, Topicality, and Significance. You have to win all of those in order to get the round in front of most Stocks judges. If they say that their paradigm is Policy Maker then just prove that the Aff is an improvement over the SQUO.
  12. I guess that the question then becomes do they win the Ballot if they have really strong harms but weak Solvency.
  13. Right now I have some Theory stuff but that's about it, any help is needed and much appreciated.
  14. Anyone have Speech Docs? Really intersted in that framing
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