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  1. hello! would i be able to get a card answering the healthcare thumper to midterms? the thumper says the key issue of midterms is healthcare, i'd need a card saying that education>healthcare or just saying healthcare isn't the key issue.
  2. thank you so much, that’s it! now to find some cards. it HAD to be a rider disad of all things... :/
  3. still looking for this card if possible!
  4. still looking for this card if possible!
  5. the scrimmage is basically a dumpster fire of all the worst teams, i was sick for a tournament so i have one left for the season, there's no more tournaments with open spots for the season so i'm gonna do this one just for fun. relax bud, i've "preserved the integrity of debate" for 7 tournaments, let me have this one.
  6. it was the ayn rand card that made me laugh, i'm all too aware of the messages of her books... if i can spin it the right way, i can use the "cult" thing to my advantage.
  7. i read it over and it looks great! i'll make sure to run this by my partner. thank you!!
  8. i don’t have a specific narriative, im looking for meme k’s like timecube and awaken cthulhu, anything to do with cults, etc etc
  9. oh my god, that would be amazing. any way you can attach it??
  10. noo, sorry for the confusing format!! i was originally asking for a different card but i found the card, so instead i asked about the trump card which id still like. sorry!!
  11. hello, i'm going to a scrimmage in a few weeks and i'd like to absolutely trash it with the most absurd k's i can find, however, coming from a mainly policy school, there aren't many i have available. i have the timecube k and i love it, but i'm really looking for more. can anyone attach some neg or aff k's that fit my narrative? thanks!
  12. any cards saying dems winning midterms key to impeach trump? i cut one last night but it was seriously questionable.. i'm looking for the most recent evidence that states it. our current internal link card is iffy and doesn't link to midterms as well as i'd like it to. thanks!
  13. looking for answers to a terrorism disad that basically says education distracts from domestic terrorism; it's not about international terror, only national/domestic terror. impact framing cards would work fine; we have a total of 2 cards on it :l thanks!
  14. can you link somewhere i can view this? i've never heard of this before
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