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  1. Does anyone have any backfiles for 2009-2010 poverty topic? Anything will help.
  2. Thanks this is extremely helpful
  3. How do you answer a kritik that you've never seen before? There are some teams that make their own kritiks and how do you answer them if that is the first time seeing them? I run a policy affirmative with a kritikal advantage if that helps.
  4. Can someone explain Critical Race Theory to me? How does it connect to Intersectionality?
  5. Thanks I just moved to area and my school doesn't offer policy debate. They only offer LD and congress. Since I don't know anything about the area I was asking since I heard progressive LD has policy debate aspects.
  6. How is TFA ld in the Amarillo and Lubbock area? Is it very traditional or is it progressive?
  7. How is UIL ld in the Amarillo and Lubbock area? Is it very traditional or is it progressive?
  8. I have a policy affirmative but I want to make the claim that reading the affirmative is a form of performance and that voting affirmative is a form of rejection. But I don't know how to make the claim that the aff is a form of performance. I'll link the aff in the bottom. Does anyone have an idea or card that can be useful?Cap Aff.docx
  9. on question 3 the card concludes that in the status quo cap is shaping the future not that it is necessary to shape the future. the base of the card is the idea that the capitalist will do anything to keep capitalism alive and that is why the alt is important to destroy the capitalism. We don't use capitalism to stop climate change. on question 14 . Leading Republican hawks are pushing legislation to compel Trump to take steps to develop new missiles in response — the first steps to jettisoning what is known as the INF treaty on question 7 those who are trying to change the mindset or refuse it will be kicked out of the party. they won't be educated. on question 8 your kicked out the party and not be educated On question 11 capatilism is the root cause of racism and a understanding of the class system that is reproducing the racism and started it in the beginning is the best way to fight racism. To kill the weed you rip out its roots. question 15 the usfg is the security state. on question 18 i meant the alt on the maoism kritik on question 19 the travel ban is a example of the security state and its prove of the da being true. on question 21 It has to be large involvement of the usfg like the aff. on question 22 its saying that because of how the school is ran then the funding will never reach where its supposed to reach in this case the infrastructure
  10. 1. Yes the state exist 2.we endorse a communist party to take over the usfg if that is what your asking. 3.the alt rejects the neoliberal ideas that the aff pushes and works on destroying capitalism. 4. The aff's opportunities are for the labor market as schools are being used to make workers for the labor market 5.the card isn't saying That capitalism is necessary to shape the future 6. The card isnt saying that cap is necessary it's saying it's being used 7.we would educate people with the mindset of capitalism must die and transform them to communist and teach them to support the communist party. 8.once the communist party takes over we transform the USA to a communist nation. 9.we don't allow for revisionist in the party 10.conditional 11. The aff focus on race instead of class to solve for racism 12.that's not what the card is saying at all its talking about support of education policies. 13.the second card on the midterms da 14. In the beginning of the card it says that the GOP is pushing trump to leave the inf and with the political capital of the plan he leaves the inf 15.don't know 16.the aff using the security state pushes the oppression of Muslims 17.the usfg is the security state 18.the squo doesn't solve only the alt can 19.the travel ban is an example on why the security state causes more oppression 20.your creating new funding not funding something that the USfg was already funding 21.the state uses the money to fund something else is one example 22.their context on how the school operates
  11. 1. Can you explain your impact scenario? 2. Can you explain how infrastructure of the school affects student learning? 3. Is this plan popular for the GOP? 4. Can you explain how the plan does enough to cause a large enough change? 5. How does the plan solve for inequality and racism?
  12. Would be possible to run an aff that says that we should open the borders and that the large number of immigrants entering would crash the economy in turn cause capitalism to die.
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