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  1. OutKTheK

    Crazy affs for next year

    You are 100 percent right, and even if I have questions about most if those affs, (for example, "restrictions" = more than 1 restriction), I think there will def be more than 15 affs on this topic. However, the point I was trying to make is the ground isn't very similar. You proved my point, as many of the things you listed functioned very similarly if not the same as each other, and that's ok. I'm writing a k aff for this topic, anyway! Cheers, and well done on your list. There's no way I could list all that in 10 minutes. ~OutKTheK
  2. OutKTheK

    Help I need ideas

    Shoulda read one of their old cases. It's just the right combination of disrespectful, cocky, and entertaining. I did this in a bq round against our seniors in 2016, where we decided to have a 45 minute policy round instead of a bq round. I was not disappointed.
  3. OutKTheK

    College topic selection

    You're right, I completely forgot about this. This is pretty massive. I don't think West Point would be allowed either, tbh, even if they are K. This especially makes me think that that topic would be god awful for debate.
  4. OutKTheK

    College topic selection

    I just don't think it would be a particularly entertaining topic. I would rather not have to research something so boring.
  5. OutKTheK

    College topic selection

    I've seen old affs from the last executive authority topic, and they were pretty damn fire. I definitely wouldn't mind watching a few executive authority rounds. Impeachment would be garbage though, I agree.
  6. OutKTheK

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    Now all we have to do is find a way that the plan makes America communist, and we have a perfect communist utopia
  7. OutKTheK

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    The USFG should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States by annexing the entire world :^)
  8. Hold up, this was a sick debate. Well done to both of you. The cross-x on both sides was pretty damn fire, not gonna lie.
  9. Some problems/solutions for the aff: 1. You advocate for a destruction of the US economy, but you don't give a framing argument. If you want to advocate for the destruction of the US economy, you must be prepared to outweigh extinction impacts, because the neg is gonna be showering you with "econ collapse = extinction". They will outweigh your extinction impacts immediately in timeframe. You should, instead, defend capitalism as being immoral and discriminative (there are a number of internal links, just only do anti blackness if you're prepared for a long and hard k debate you probably won't win). After this, you should read a framing contention with structural violence impacts as being the most important in the round. 2. Some impacts you might want to look into would be people being dehumanized into capitalist constructs, general "discrimination", etc. 3. I honestly think the thesis of the aff is fine enough. Remove the vague parts of the plan text, retitle the case, etc. You don't need to run this as a "performance aff", and you don't need to do something fancy like framing the ballot as a form of rejection of capitalism. I don't think the aff is well-suited for something like this at all. Good luck!
  10. OutKTheK

    Normativity Kritik

    This may be the edgiest thing I've ever seen a k author say, and I've seen some pretty edgy shit from k authors
  11. OutKTheK

    best k aff for next year

    fixed that for you
  12. That's the thing, it's not "just" including ESL Learners - it's changing the entire thesis, the entire epistemology of the aff. Therefore, they are mutually exclusive. I'm not sure what you mean about the link thing - both afropess and the cap k operate under separate epistemologies.
  13. The PIC can be arguably mutually exclusive and still do A, B, and C, while D is a separate idea, if A, B, and C are, in itself, an endorsement of a specific epistemology. If D breaks from the epistemology of A, B, and C, than it is a completely separate epistemology to endorse A, B, and C, while also endorsing D. Does that make sense? I'll give an example. If A, B, and C are an endorsement of cryp epistemology, and the neg argues that there are other bodies of people that suffer similar harms, such as ESL Learners, than the PIC can be the endorsement of a cryp and ESL learners epistemology, and still be arguably mutually exclusive. This is because the PIC functions as a completely separate epistemological entity because it operates around a separate ideology. This is an interesting theoretical discussion, though. I hope this helped clear up my point.
  14. ^ This, but a PIC can also do an unrelated part AND some or all of the plan. For example, if the plan does A, B, and C, the pic might do A, B, and D, or maybe even also do C. This is less common than the PIC described above because it is very weak to the perm, but if the aff is soft left or kritikal, you can argue that there's an epistemological barrier to the perm - meaning that they are endorsing a specific epistemology in their aff, so if the pic endorses a different epistemology, they are changing their own epistemology to fit yours, which is outside of their advocacy and makes them a moving target. I really enjoy using PICs vs K affs, because they are smart, efficient, and don't require any cards.
  15. OutKTheK

    What's gonna happen to Cross-X?

    Many people in the CX community don't really take this site seriously, and that makes me really sad. I'm a sophomore now, but when I'm a senior, I'm going to, as the sovereign, use my biopolitical authority to start forcing my novices to post once a day on C-X, so it doesn't die. Hopefully more of you start doing the same with your teams (if you have them) to try and keep this site alive, for however long it stays up. I'd love for this site to change hands and become a much more prominent site in the debate community, though.