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    ODT Postings: Round 3

    I think we should finish this on the discord Edit: Also both of the people I’m judging forfeited so I’m doubtful that the round will happen
  2. Lukrau

    Debate Discord

    Also on the discord LD is a thing, whereas the LD subreddit is dead af (And thanks ephemerality I was AnswerIsSpeedforce and you gave me good answers to my questions about queer theory on the discord)
  3. Another problem is that the forum is dead. I wish the owner would just sell it to the people trying to buy it so they can try to bring it back
  4. I'll get a real ballot out from where I was leaning b4 concession
  5. Alright, done. Is this tournament and website dead?
  6. It has been a day so if the neg wants I can give the round to the neg ;-; if you want to wait we can do that too
  7. If you would like, or we could wait if you want. I am not sure if the tournament is even still going, people thought the forum was down for good and quit. If you want, I can try posting on the policy debate subreddit with the information that it is back up, and we can wait for a bit more. Either way is good.
  8. Also online dice is about as random as you can get; neither them or normal dice are truly random, nothing is (except maybe quantum mechanics but everyone claims to have an opinion on that without really knowing the math so I hold off)
  9. Not ethics challenge. Ronniesportsman forgot to put a trigger warning, and exposed Ifpnub to emotional harm. As I understand it, Ifpnub and Ronniesportsman talked through PMs, and came to this mutual agreement. I think it is not your place to decide when someone should be forced to endure more emotional harm.
  10. Debate2000- when actual offensive things get said in round on all sides, it is best that this happens. This debate should not continue. Edit: Also I skyped Ronnie, a four was rolled.
  11. Zidao answer cross-X please
  12. Oh yeah also one more thing that I didn't put in my main paradigm; dropped claims don't mean anything, they must be warranted; even if it's a bad warrant. Warrant not only is a card, logic works too
  13. Lukrau

    Crazy affs for next year

    The United States federal government should eliminate the naturalization fee. I did some basic research for this, it’s a huge barrier to citizenship and naturalization is hugely good for our economy and for immigrant rights.