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  1. I wish I knew how to do spoiler alerts... Here is the list I have so far: H1B Borders K Aff Refugees(Generic) Dream Act High Skilled PSG Asylum Refugees(Syrian) Immigrant Entrepeneur EB 5 Family Immigration Nurses Travel Ban Domestic Violence Asylum Nietzsche Ontological Terror Trafficking Open Borders Translators/SIV Baudrillard Quantum Life CNMI Fem Open Borders Utopian Borders Diversity Visas Farmworkers Conrad 30 Chinese Student Visas Detention South Sudan Refugees Public Charge Guest Workers Climate Refugees Staple Act Path to Citizenship AI Experts Abolish ICE Dehumanism Native Americans U Visas Family Separation Middle Passage DACA No One is Illegal
  2. i guess what I'm asking is if the card has to say what the term is, or if it can just say what it isn't.
  3. In my 1nc shell for T - Legal immigration excludes refugees, I'm using a card from the Mich files that says that legal immigration is distinct from and excludes humanitarian admissions like refugees. However, it doesn't give a definition of legal immigration such as "Legal immigration is admission for legal permanent residence," it just says that legal immigration can't be refugees. Is it okay for that to be the only card in the 1NC shell? If anybody is wondering, it's the Passel and Fix 94 card from the Michigan camp evidence.
  4. ellch20

    2NC/1AR Prep

    My inefficient use of prep time is the bane of my existence. I am a 1A/2N, and I always end up taking 5-6 minutes for the 2NC, which is obviously too much. During the 2NC prep, I’m taking blocks and putting them in the speech doc. Then, I flow what I will say in those blocks as well as my responses to their arguments so I can do line by line and so that I will not forget what I said when I’m doing the 2NR. I think that flowing cards and analytics that I will say probably takes me the most time, but I’m always worried about forgetting critical information in the 2nr. People have advised that I use the opponents 1AR’s prep time to write down what I said, but what about when they only use a minute or so of prep? For the 1AR, I spend a lot of time (3-4 minutes) writing down on my flow how I will answer arguments in the line by line. Should I make 1AR blocks for extensions and cards? I’ve had lab leaders give contradictory statements, with one saying that we should have 1ar blocks for evidence and extension and the other saying that we should not have a computer during rebuttals except for reading cards. And, should I write down the cards/prewritten extensions that I’m reading in the 1ar, or should I not take prep to do that since my partner is flowing? I know I need to write how I will clash with and answer their arguments, but I think I take too much time for that also. Won’t reading blocks wreck my line by line and clash? I think the most helpful thing would be if somebody told me everything, in exact and complete detail, that they do to prepare for the 1AR and the 2NC, and what they recommend I should do to reduce my use of prep time.
  5. Is the push out impact for discipline viable? It seems like states cp really solves most of it. There are federal data collection arguments, but I think states can still solve the majority. A CERD advantage is obviously different since it's about national compliance. So, how does the school pushout/structural violence advantage overcome states?
  6. can CPs be ran against antiblackness arguments? I personally don't think that it makes any sense. For example, a cp that says something like "the usfg should destroy itself." This does not make sense to me because it is fiating an action while anti-blackness arguments are typically some sort of pre-fiat advocacy statement. Am I missing something? Are there better reasons why it doesn't make sense?
  7. Also when I’m doing warming good, the turn is mostly based on CO2 being good. Does this mean I have to do some work in cross ex?
  8. yeah, although I'm pretty sure turning the internal links is fine.
  9. What turns can you do besides dedev and heg bad? Is warming viable? Or what other internal link turns?
  10. Why doesn’t midterms link to the states cp? Why are new affs(and not having to disclose them) good?
  11. ellch20

    Making an aff

    Here I was thinking that I had an original idea... But what evidence did you use for solvency with the federal government?
  12. ellch20

    Making an aff

    See this seems to be the biggest problem. I was thinking of just running generic cards about the federal government solving better from camp files, since I can't find anything specifically about the federal government in relation to debate.
  13. ellch20

    Making an aff

    Alright, I'm working on cutting a new aff. I'm thinking of something along the lines of, Plan: The United States Federal government should create and substantially fund debate programs in primary and secondary schools and substantially fund preexisting debate programs.Thinking of having advantages like critical thinking promoting democracy and agency, and maybe about how it helps the U.S. stay competitive since people who do debate are way more likely to graduate high school. Would you suggest different advantages? Also, is there any place where I could find inherency evidence? I can't really find any articles about how many people are doing debate, I just know from my personal experience that many programs are way underfunded or don't even exist. This is the first time I've written a case, so any feedback is appreciated.
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