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  1. @JSamuel why are you down-voting my comments? wth is your problem?
  2. Hey David, Please monitor this site more consistently.
  3. @OwenK - you didn't care about community guidelines when the following insults were spewed at me on my other post. Here are a few that you AND @David missed: 1. You continue to be an ass and choose to not listen. You are pathetic. 2. You hateful hateful person I am disgusted by you. 3. No one is saying you can't have an opinion. We're just saying you're wrong. 4. Get Out Of Here With That Nonsense! You belittle advocacy that does not fit your EuroCentric model and I am truly disgusted. 5. Hypocrite I swear @David you have failed in protecting me against bullies who called me an ass, disgusting, a hypocrite, etc. But you had no problem shutting down MY post because others didn't agree with it. You didn't punish those who were spewing hate.
  4. @OwenK ... looks like you are breaking all of the following. Be friendly and patient Using welcoming and inclusive language Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences Gracefully accepting constructive criticism Showing empathy towards other community members And frankly, @David wasn't there for me as a community member when people were calling me names, harassing me, and attacking me on one of my previous posts. I respect David for getting back in the game, but please protect all debaters. That includes me.
  5. @OwenK - I resent that. I am sharing my opinion on this forum and reading well-thought out responses. Why should I be banned? Is it because my opinion is unpopular? You are proving my point. But I see you go to SMS... I know your school likes to attack other debate teams in their free time. Please don't make a hobby of attacking me or others who believe debate has shifted to a place where true deliberation isn't always possible. And yes, I read the code of conduct and haven't violated anything. The only people violating the code are the select few insulting/bullying me. David already shut one of my posts down and he has that jurisdiction. But since then, I have posted an apology and lightened up my tone. Let me be free and share my thoughts. I am not a "troll" by any means. I am sorry you feel that way.
  6. @theninjamonkey -- actually it depends on the judge and there are many examples where your theory hasn't been true.
  7. i am done elaborating. i was simply making a statement. conservative arguments are shunned. it has always been like this, but its only gotten worse.
  8. real deliberation and debate is no longer possible. i hope you're happy.
  9. i give up - the debate world is beyond the point of return.
  10. Hi @JSamuel - In response to your last post on my second culture post ("I'm Sorry"), I am actually not maintaining my original standpoint. I am now in a different camp under the echo-chamber umbrella. I am no longer fighting Ks so much as what the debate space has become. It has gone too far. After my first thread which unexpectedly went viral, I did some soul searching. When David shut down my post, I started to wonder if my mission was possible. Then, I began to modify it. I have never doubted the importance of Ks. Part of the beauty of debate is that it is a safe-space for identity expression. I have witnessed that. I don't think I articulated this well enough in my first post. Debate has always been an activity that empowers. My modified mission is as follows: To inject the debate space with genuineness. - Let me explain: I believe that people have taken advantage of the empowering and accepting art that debate is. Because debate so clearly celebrates difference, I have witnessed many people pose (for lack of better words) in an effort to appear like they are part of a marginalized group. I don't want to go into specifics, but this included altering their appearances before tournaments and running Ks which corresponded with their temporarily altered appearance. This happens in many forms and at many schools. Needless to say, this harms the minorities that are actually using the debate space to express their identities. I think witnessing these made me resent Ks in general. I now see clearly. Ks aren't the problem. The problem is what some debaters are doing to manipulate the literature and the system. If there is some advantage to this or critical reason for it, please comment. I don't see it as of now. Thanks. Has debate gone so far left that the community has blinders on? Has anyone else noticed the issue outlined above?
  11. I was cautioning contributors to shy away from bullying... Suggestion wise, I also would like to find a resolution. I think a community-wide conversation is needed. wbu
  12. I wasn't finger wagging
  13. debategirl52

    I'm sorry.

    Hi y'all. I wanted to start another topic to rectify the past and bring light to the issue in a more productive way. While I respect David's choice to shut down my last post, I still believe in the thesis of what I was saying. That being said, the thread got ugly and I gave into that type of behavior. I will not be using any quotes from the thread in future endeavors. I have contemplated posting again since my post got permanently closed. I have come to the conclusion that posting is in fact worth my time as a former policy debater. Although my last post was met with disgust by most, there were a select few who took the time to convey their thoughts with empathy. These few members gave me hope that K and policy debaters can find common ground. This post is simply to start a dialogue on ways to relate as debaters and empathize with one another. Please no bullying. Silencing is bad regardless of your opinion on the K controversy. So please, think first.
  14. @AnthonyUwU - Love how you defended assuming my race. Wildly offensive. As for gender, you don't know my gender identity or preferred pronouns. You assumed them and got them wrong. SO THERE. My username is not my gender identity thanks for the assumption. But ik you don't care. CLEARLY
  15. I don't think a transphobe or a person who takes issue with the LGBTQ+ community would be friends with these people... but maybe you live in some alternate universe where transphobes are best friends with trans people!!!!! IDK!!! GTFO @NickDB8
  16. Hey @NickDB8 - Thanks for trying to shut down this dialogue! Anyways, you might want to take a reading comprehension course if thats what you got out of my comment... turn off your notifications if you are bothered by community discussion. In other words, GTFO.
  17. @AnthonyUwU - This is my last time responding to your nonsense. You don't know the first thing about me. You don't know that I was best friends with a trans person at a 7 week debate camp and am still in contact with them. You don't know that one of my mentors (of many years) is a high-profile trans debater. You don't know that half of my friends identify with the LGBTQ+ community and are open to my views on debate. You don't know that I have experience running gender Ks on the NEG. You don't know that I treat everyone the same in the debate space and outside of it. You must stop equating people who desire plan-centric debate with people who are against the education provided by K debate. You must open yourself to deliberation and different viewpoints. You must stop spewing hate in the name of K debate. How dare you label me as a transphobe
  18. YO WTF. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN TALK TO ME LIKE THAT??? @AnthonyUwU - Just bc ur a k debater doesn't give u the right to be verbally abusive and bully me.
  19. @TheTrashDebater - I am sorry that you have interpreted my opinion as an attack. It wasn't meant to be received that way, nor is my viewpoint based in exclusion or hate. I feel that policy debaters have been silenced. I fear, with reason, that the rapid increase in Ks and K AFFs will lead to a policy debate world free of policy. Policy debate was created for policy-centric discussion. When the debate is centered on anything other than the plan, the debate turns into a deliberation-free echo chamber. One where people talk passed each other. The issue is that the K team can win the round with no knowledge on the plan because the links are pre-written. Conversely, policy debaters must have a fair to good understanding of the K lit in order to win. The burden is on policy debaters. They have lost their freedom both in the performative sense and the sense of research/prep. This is just one of the many problems. Nevertheless, my delivery could have been better throughout the thread. I got defensive because people were attacking me.
  20. @AnthonyUwU - please try and see things from my point of view. if you don't want to try showing empathy, please refrain from bullying and spewing hate. i am a member of the debate community just like you. we should talk to each other with respect, not hate.
  21. I know K debate is important. I know that it is a home for people. Believe it or not, I enjoy watching K debates and often judge them for my novices. I strongly believe in and defend the importance of critique. I am close with so many K debaters. Virtually my whole team has transitioned. It is simply hard to accept the fact that policy-centric debaters are forced to involve themselves in rounds which don't allow them to express themselves or their solvency mechanisms. Instead, they must discuss critical literature and defend every single intricacy of the AFF. It is truly ridiculous to have to spend the majority of my rounds no-linking or perming instead of doing impact comparison or finding solvency deficits to a CP. Please have some empathy. I am sorry I came off as close-minded. I truly am not. I wouldn't even classify myself as anti-K. Please try to see my point of view as I am trying to do with you. Please? I know this exactly the type of statement a K debater would make fun of, but my home has been ruined, too. I had a home in policy debate, too. I had a home where I could stand up for what I believe. But I have been silenced. And this is why I come off as angry.
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