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  1. debategirl52

    What new AFF should I write?

    Hi debate community- I have been running a high-skills AFF this season. With 2 or 3 tournaments left, I am looking to produce a new AFF. Something small would be preferable. Please help me get some ideas!
  2. debategirl52

    soft lefts on the immigration topic

    Where is the Leprosy AFF with a plan text?
  3. debategirl52

    K AFF - How to answer PICS

    what do you mean about the first thing
  4. debategirl52

    K AFF - How to answer PICS

    Hey! I am considering running an open borders K AFF. How do I answer a PIC that pics out of bad groups ? Also, how do I answer USFG should open the borders TVA? THANKS
  5. debategirl52

    Easiest tourney to bid at?

    what tourney is easiest to bid at?
  6. If so, which teams? THANKS
  7. debategirl52

    I am desperate for a specific Topicality card

    Thank you!!!!
  8. I need a card that says reduce means eliminate! DOES ANYONE HAVE ONE?
  9. debategirl52

    Effects T - How do I answer it?

    Please help me understand
  10. Please explain it well
  11. debategirl52

    I apologize

    David, don't be too hard on yourself. This site is a helpful resource for many debaters. Improvements would be great, but don't sell the site short.
  12. debategirl52

    Nurses AFF- whats the deal?

    Most popular strat v. nurses? Let me know your thoughts on the AFF.
  13. debategirl52

    De-Dev: Help me out!

    I don't like DEDEV, nor do I fully understand it. Few questions: 1) Are there any theoretical reasons to reject de-dev? 2) How do I beat DEDEV / dissuade the NEG from going for it? 3) Best way to beat de-dev when reading an AFF with existential impacts? 4) PLEASE give me a generic double-bind to read in the 1AR against de-dev!!!!!!! Please help me!
  14. debategirl52

    Going for NEOLIB GOOD in the 2AR!

    How do I resolve the link args in the 2AR when I am going for Neolib good? I guess I just don't get why I need to win/address "no link" if I am conceding that we are neoliberal. Also---- How do I answer: "All of our links are DA's to the plan"
  15. debategirl52

    How to answer generic K links

    Hey- Good question. So you will need to think of how these link arguments relate to your AFF. If they are simply reading a USFG bad link, you need to point out that the card is not specific to your AFF. That means the judge shouldn't weight it because it isn't applicable to your specific mechanism. USFG good cards can help, but try and find some that are specific to your AFF. You could also try a link turn. Since you are soft left, this could be a strong answer. So think of how your AFF makes a demand on the government/breaks down capitalism. Don't do a no link arg with a link turn arg. Just pick one. Let me know if this helps.