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  1. ZidaoWang


    S Visas are not T. They don't give LPR.
  2. ZidaoWang

    Cybernetics K

  3. ZidaoWang

    Cybernetics K

    Will Morgan sadly cut trash answers to it
  4. ZidaoWang

    I have a small question

  5. ZidaoWang

    Debate is a game--- How do I win this?

    Yeah I think that the rule/norm distinction doesn't matter as much when it comes to competitive equity, because even if the resolution is a norm, it's the only stasis point for research and prep.
  6. ZidaoWang

    Debate is a game--- How do I win this?

    I feel like if you win that debate is a game, even if the resolution isn't a rule, not affirming it is bad because it decks fairness.
  7. ZidaoWang

    Debate is a game--- How do I win this?

    If you run this while reading a K aff you will instantly lose because the other team will concede that debate is a game which means F/W is an EZ dub.
  8. ZidaoWang

    Debate is a game--- How do I win this?

    Just make analytics. Here's something I wrote up: 1. Debate is a game, the only thing distinguishing us from reading and researching the books and articles in this round and debating about it is the competitive aspect of the activity. Every round has to have a winner and a loser, there is a judge in back of the room, pre-set speech times, power pairing, high/low seeding, elimination rounds, speaker points and awards, trophies, rules against clipping—only we’ve provided an explanation for why these rules exist in the first place, and that’s to promote the competitive equity of the activity. 2. If it isn’t a game, why does the aff tie their interpretation and their 1AC to the ballot? Ultimately, we’re both here to win, if they’re not then you should just vote negative. You will almost never win that debate isn't a game, but I think you can go for arguments that are like "we don't have access to the game/ it might be a game but it's more"
  9. ZidaoWang


    temp residency
  10. ZidaoWang


    Eeek not topical
  11. ZidaoWang

    Starter Packs - Immigration Topic

    the link should be debate.carro.cat.
  12. ZidaoWang

    Affirmatives Worth Trying?

    Open borders seems like the one that will probably be the best out of that list.
  13. ZidaoWang

    Starter Packs - Immigration Topic

    There are a lot of Wake files floating around on the debate discord.
  14. ZidaoWang

    Summer Prep

    I think the invite is debate.carro.cat We do practice debates and stuff all the time