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  1. ZidaoWang

    Texas Teams?

    I'm not really familiar with some of these teams but... disclosure seems to be a good practice.
  2. I'm sorry that I made you feel that way. This is not an attack on your identity or a political view. I just think the aff is bad.
  3. ZidaoWang


    1) Find me other solvency advocates because I looked into it and couldn't find any. 2) Fiat is not a magic wand , you will lose very quickly if you don't have good evidence backing you up.
  4. ZidaoWang


    My partner went to CNDI and he tried to sell S-Visas to me. I looked through all the T cards, and every single one of them are either not in the context of the solvency advocate, which is written by one author, or about the *possibility* of LPR after 5 years based on discretion.
  5. ZidaoWang


    S Visas are not T. They don't give LPR.
  6. Will Morgan sadly cut trash answers to it
  7. Yeah I think that the rule/norm distinction doesn't matter as much when it comes to competitive equity, because even if the resolution is a norm, it's the only stasis point for research and prep.
  8. I feel like if you win that debate is a game, even if the resolution isn't a rule, not affirming it is bad because it decks fairness.
  9. If you run this while reading a K aff you will instantly lose because the other team will concede that debate is a game which means F/W is an EZ dub.
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