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  1. ZidaoWang

    DDI Files

    I highly doubt ANY sort of Taiwan aff is "unbeatable."
  2. ZidaoWang

    Texas Teams?

    Mr. Muse will be prolific next year.
  3. ZidaoWang

    Texas Teams?

    I'm not really familiar with some of these teams but... disclosure seems to be a good practice.
  4. I'm sorry that I made you feel that way. This is not an attack on your identity or a political view. I just think the aff is bad.
  5. ZidaoWang


    1) Find me other solvency advocates because I looked into it and couldn't find any. 2) Fiat is not a magic wand , you will lose very quickly if you don't have good evidence backing you up.
  6. ZidaoWang


    My partner went to CNDI and he tried to sell S-Visas to me. I looked through all the T cards, and every single one of them are either not in the context of the solvency advocate, which is written by one author, or about the *possibility* of LPR after 5 years based on discretion.
  7. ZidaoWang


    S Visas are not T. They don't give LPR.
  8. Will Morgan sadly cut trash answers to it
  9. Yeah I think that the rule/norm distinction doesn't matter as much when it comes to competitive equity, because even if the resolution is a norm, it's the only stasis point for research and prep.
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