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  1. lmao bud, the only option of debate for me at my school is either PF or Congress. Our coach is really lay and she doesn't like policy or LD, so I have to make do with what I have. For the longest time though, after I learned about policy debate and LD, I really wanted to do it, but first, no one at my school is willing to do it, and two, my coach probably won't let me. It is ok though, I like PF and debate a lot in general anyways.
  2. Ok guys, even though I am a PFer, I really want to write a politics disad for the November topic on universal background checks and gun control. But I really don't know what type of DA to run, should I run Agenda DA, Elections DA (with midterms coming up) or PC? Secondly, does anyone know any legislation (it would be cool if it was centered around gun control, like the NRA bump stock legislation) or key midterm races to center my disad around? I know that the Democrats only need 3 seats for Senate takeover, but which races will be key to decide this? Thanks guys in advance for the help!
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