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  1. TestNav

    Texas Teams?

    Westwood BS is definitely not a one and done - they will get 4-6 bids. Coppell DR is probably the best team in Texas. If not, it's Ethan Muse. LASA EU and GP both bid as well, IJ is also a sleeper. They very well might get three teams to the TOC. Hebron showed out at grapevine...very surprising, but congrats to BS for bidding and KP for breaking. Not surprised with Greenhill HL, Leffler is a very strong debater.
  2. I personally believe that K debate is a necessary and useful tool to opening up new ways of interpreting debate. Saying criticisms shouldn't be allowed is a dogmatic form of thinking and shouldn't be tolerated in spaces of educational productivity.
  3. TestNav

    Texas Teams?

    With the start of the 2019-2020 season, I think it is time to bring this thread back. Who do y'all think are the best teams in Texas right now?
  4. TestNav

    Texas Teams?

    After UT, I think it’s time to restart this discussion. Who do y’all think are the top Texas teams right now?
  5. Alright so 1. Highland Park M 2. Jeffler Anybody else?
  6. Lol isn’t Highland Park MK a sophomore team??
  7. Personally I think LASA AV will win the whole thing
  8. Time to restart this convo, pre-TFA state version. Who are the best teams are texas? TFA State Predictions? Teams to watch out for?
  9. Yea, obviously some greenhill kids took the time to troll all of us
  10. lmao didn't he lose the fourth round of that tournament to some noob novice team?
  11. Greenhill CR are juniors
  12. Now that the season is underway, who is the best sophomore team?
  13. TestNav

    Secularism K

    How did y'all do at the camp tourney's?
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