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  1. you obviously come from a pretty privileged school. however i think you’re missing the point - i disclose, but it shouldn’t be considered mandatory to the point that people lose debates based on disclosure. big schools need to stop whining so much and just get better at debating on the fly like it was intended. the wiki is how big schools remain ahead so much. i spend >50 hours a week working on debate and still don’t have the blocks to compete with many. the only way i beat teams like jesuit etc. is through my in round innovation. every single 2ac/2nc i make is from scratch sans like generic case overviews. big schools try to force the wiki on every other school for undeniable reasons - to “out resource” them with prep. these big schools dont work harder than me they just have more people doing it for them. idk how many times a prep coach has asked me for the aff and not the debaters themselves. it is the definition of elitism to tell small schools that they should be happy with a website that forces them into a position of submissiveness. yall just dont know what its like to not have any money in your debate budget. lmao at yall actually thinking you know whats best for small schools when people out here cutting cards for you. must be nice. also, innovative debate doesn’t always mean generic debate - if that’s what you think then you need to get better at debating. there is a such thing as generic positions with a link wall. you dont need the wiki for that. besides that, everyones gonna read the same shit every round anyways. also, you’re wrong about big schools not prepping small schools. well, you’re halfway right.. the big schools only start prepping us when we beat their entire squad at one tournament
  2. the aff is public charge with an ableism advantage and the 2nr is always either gonna be queer killjoy, deleuze, or state visas + midterms
  3. i dont even know you my g lets chill out with the slander. let's keep two things in mind regarding disclosure - 1) nobody has a right to it and disclosure comes from an urban privileged perspective; 2) im too lazy for the wiki - my email is zacharyhuffman701@gmail.com if you have any disclosure questions. i tend to have a hard time remembering past 2NR's so my bad on that. get over it. In reference to the critique of my debate style, keep in mind that I am literally the only person that writes any blocks on my team because we're too poor to hire prep coaches. These graduated people haven't seen me debate in a hot minute so I don't think they can attest to my skills but I can assure you we've gotten better since last year. This whole thread is sprinkled with elitism. Just wait to see NL HH in the 2nd semester and next year on the NDT circuit
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