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  1. Fair enough. Thanks so much for running the tournament BTW!
  2. Wait, are we sure this tournament's over? We still have me in the up bracket and Bernie+Holden in the down bracket, right?
  3. Oh sorry Raunak I forgot you don't want people to call you Ronnie ... I'm really sorry about that.
  4. Fine, here. I vote aff. If y'all have any questions LMK. RFD Bernie v. Ronnie.docx
  5. Uh if anyone wants I can flow and give a decision instead of one of the other judges so we can keep this tournament moving.
  6. Do you have an ETA on CX? I really want to finish this debate.
  7. Can I just suggest that we wait for RFDs to have this discussion if it's going to include clarifying arguments from the round?
  8. Hopefully that doesn't have to happen. I'm ready for CX/the 2NC, by the way.
  9. This is getting a little much -- here's the 2AC but please answer those questions anyway. 2AC ODT R5.docx
  10. If court politics is a net benefit to ESAs will you spec that it uses congress? Can you kick specific planks?
  11. This will be fun anyway! No rush on my end if you give me similar leniency once camp starts. 1. Status of everything? 2. Net benefits to everything? 3. What specific regulations does the ESAs CP remove/reduce? 4. Have you read uniqueness evidence for the schools DA? 5. If Kennedy's key and he's stepping down why is there uniqueness for the gerrymandering DA? 6. Clarke is about disaster preparedness -- how is it relevant to the aff? Might have some more, we'll see.
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