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    Trump Base

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    Nietzsche Explanation

    Yes pls
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    Drop the team args?

    I mean if your just reading turns case - its no better than an alt cause on case. The existential threat gives you offense that is tougher for the aff to mitigate. If anything it gives a stronger nb to the Canada Cp and justifies sufficiency framing
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    Drop the team args?

    I mean not really - you just have to win framing flow if you go for a DA with existential impact.
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    Answering AntiBlackness

    Pls direct me to where I can cut warren says paraontology <3
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    Answering AntiBlackness

    Wait how so? Just paraontology/Inside outside stuff?
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    Is it untopical to hire?

    I don't think hiring Lawyers is able to Solve, but rather saying smth like the plan streamlines the process that mitigates court clog. And how more applicants cause an increase in resource allocation to courts.
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    Is it untopical to hire?

    yeah - it is untopical - Hiring judges/lawyers isn't removing a restriction on legal immigration.
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    Free File-Russell K

    Why Do I feel like this is a trap/meme? *Edit* Just tried opening it - Broken link lol
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    Cap K Commodification Answers

    Yeah for sure - its raunakdua21@mittymonarch.com
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    Cap K Commodification Answers

    Well this seems to be a link to Idpol - A couple of things that I think can be added on from my previous post. First is like a Victim Blaming argument, anytime we are faced violence and we try to speak out we are blamed for our own struggles. We are told to not embrace our identities because we cause capitalism/more violence against us when in reality embracing our identity is a form of survival strategies for us. Then do some kind of cap link turn about the use of identity politics/narratives - There are a bunch of good ones. But it depends on the type of scholarship you use
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    Cap K Commodification Answers

    Ummm which arg in specific - there are a bunch of args that talks about commodification but not in like the context ur explaining it....
  14. ronniesportman

    Cap K Commodification Answers

    I mean I got that but like do you have the ev that they read or the contextualizations to the aff. Because my go to response would be proved that even if cap commodifies stuff Durable Fiat means plan gets implemented fully without any changes means the aff creates material good and a structure of law that is able to help said group. The K situates itself in an ivory tower to reject material change that allows for the ongoing violence of said group while the Aff is a pre-requisite to their impacts because of XYZ. Why does it get traded to be sold to companies for catch - phrases. Like you never see types of policies on t-shirts etc. rather its these anti-capitalism movements and supposedly radical movements that get commodified and sold like - Antifa, Karl Marx t-shirts, IhateCapitalism, etc. But even if you don't buy that how does the aff get sold to companies, like if we help a certain group of people then even if certain ideologies get sold to companies those are good and create a more benevolent form of capitalism. But Idk - Thats the best I got without a clearer understanding of the way the arg worked in round
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    Cap K Commodification Answers

    Ummm - Idk what you mean by this, there are a lot of different things this means. Can you send the link card your wondering about or the context in which they explained the link. If you can I would be able to give a better and more comprehensive repsonse
  16. Ready whenever u are, just HMU with any potential TW first. Thx
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    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    I’m fairly new but this is pretty deplorable- I would want to be paid for my files that were being sold if I were to upload files
  18. Idk if the original judges still are judging...
  19. Bump for RFDs-Don’t want this forum to get lost
  20. Sorry for the delay, the order is K,T. I'm 18 words over-feel free to reciprocate, or I can cut it down more. Thx for a fun debate-Hope to see you at camp 2Nr v. Bernie.docx
  21. I essentially finished, I just gotta cut it down, should be done tomorrow
  22. Ah, makes more sense, I was looking at that for a while lol, it should be up by tomorrow because today is family dinner night.....
  23. I did the math wrong... it should’ve been put substantially larger