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  1. ronniesportman

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    I’m fairly new but this is pretty deplorable- I would want to be paid for my files that were being sold if I were to upload files
  2. Idk if the original judges still are judging...
  3. Bump for RFDs-Don’t want this forum to get lost
  4. *Edited out until RFD*
  5. Sorry for the delay, the order is K,T. I'm 18 words over-feel free to reciprocate, or I can cut it down more. Thx for a fun debate-Hope to see you at camp 2Nr v. Bernie.docx
  6. I essentially finished, I just gotta cut it down, should be done tomorrow
  7. Ah, makes more sense, I was looking at that for a while lol, it should be up by tomorrow because today is family dinner night.....
  8. I did the math wrong... it should’ve been put substantially larger
  9. Here is the 1NR the Order is K FW, T, and Case 1NR v. Bernie.docx
  10. Yah, it's all good, you didn't know The 1NR will be up soon, it's taking we some time to do the math for the speech......
  11. Oh and a quick notice, would ya'll mind not calling me Ronnie, it brings up some bad shit. Thx and sorry for any inconvenience
  12. Cool, I'll post in a bit
  13. If you can prevent the tying of yourself to your identity that would not be a link. If the neg is able to draw a connection to your Latin American identity to the affirmative at all, there is a link