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  1. Most people who spread their affs have a lot of cards that are centerd around a general arguement. I think one of the best things you can do in responding is the grouping of their cards or arguements. For example, if they five cards saying racism occurs in the United States school system today, you don't need to read five cards to respond to this. If you're able to just respond with a single, general card towards an argument with multiple cards basically saying the same thing, then you're good. I love a good speed k or speed theory, but some judges don't go for that, and I think grouping the other team's arguement would be a good first option, then resorting to a speed k or speed theory may be the second best option if speaking is your thing. With that being said, you shouldn't resort to simply defense in nationals, you'll get smoked if you only read defensive, or responsive arguements, make sure to include at least one off that gives you a bit of offense, good luck!
  2. Hey I need cards basically saying the title. Anything helps, as I've got a nat qualifier on Saturday. Anything that says that like forcing one to debate traditionally leads to an assimilation of them. Thanks
  3. STEM is everywhere basically, it's just so easy to link and there is so much evidence on it. There are multiple types of STEM, some affs deal with the program itself and have environmental impacts that could be solved through STEM education. There's a space STEM aff which is pretty dumb and I've seen it a lot. A team from my school read a STEM Baudrillard aff for a few weeks, but it was pretty dumb. A women in STEM aff is pretty popular too. Some cyber security ish affs for STEM exist and are commonly used as contentions for STEM affs. I'm not sure of how local of a debate school you guys have, but usually mediocre majority white schools use STEM, or so I've seen. So if you know a school that generally, dare I say, boring, they're most likely running STEM, so that's definitely something you should prep out. Sex ed is pretty popular too. It doesn't need too much explanation. Personally, I really like this college cp for it, as it just makes more sense. The cp is saying that since most sexual assults occur on a college campus, information about sex and sexual assault should occur in colleges instead of primary/ secondary schools. There is a version of this aff where it speaks about LGBTQQIA sex education, and I really haven't hit that, but I'm sure that wouldn't be too dificult to prep out, as it links pretty well to the next aff I've seen. Trans bathrooms is an in between zone for critical debaters and more traditional debaters. I think while you're finding cards for the LGBTQQIA sex ed aff, you could mix some of those cards in with this aff, as they're both dealing with the same issues as in the LGBTQQIA community. I'd suggest steering away from critiquing the idea of trans bathrooms and instead maybe the impacts of the way they're implemented, in addition to a lot of topicality and other off case shit. I just feel like the judges wouldn't be too keen to the idea of critiquing something that is a problem. This is just a suggestion Another sorta critical aff is deseg. I'm aware that it's a novice packet, but it's super easy to beef up and the solvency can be improved on the aff through suggesting magnet schools. I saw this aff a lot, not only with post novs, but at the top of the competition as well, as it's a really good aff regardless of it being a novice affirmative. A visas program for international students is a pretty good affirmative, and depending on how big the tournaments are, it may be there. It's true that Trump has shit completely on other countries, but if someone is really up to date, then they could work their way around this and prepare a really nice aff. I'd suggest targeting the countries that Trump wants immigrants from, as they're primarily white ones. You shouldn't need to dig too deep to find evidence on this, and it's possible to make a really impressive off case argument surrounding around that. My partner and I ran a respiration aff which is a bit like Afro pessimism. If you run into an aff like this, maybe a cap K and a shit ton of fwk. That was basically all we saw throughout the season, and you're already at an advantage at the beginning of the round, as it's really difficult as the affirmtive to prove why it's important to run an untopical aff. If you shit spread framework and stay consistent, then you shouldn't have too much trouble picking up against an aff like ours. Cap was usually ran as a time skew, but you could win on it if you do enough work on it. The basic premise is capitalism is a cause of racism, as slavery was the idea to capatilize no matter the cost of who's doing the labor. School to prison pipeline is pretty much the same with the cap k, especially if the aff is centered around anti blackness. I'd suggest prepping these two affs together and using some cards from Afropess on this one. I hope some of this helped, and good luck
  4. You have to be ready to explain why it's important to run an untopical aff, and explain that no topical version of your aff exists. Be ready to answer a lot of framework, if you need any untopical aff good or performance good cards, I could help you out, dm me if you're interested
  5. No more like a card just saying that performance debate or untopical debate is good for minorities or just good in general. Like untopical debate should be preferred over more traditional debate (because it's better for minorities) it doesn't have to say that exactly but anything like that would be good. It's cool too if you don't have anything like that but it'd be great if you did.
  6. I'll do it I'm bored as hell. Word limit for speech? Most people do 1,600 words per speech but we can do the amount you'd like. When's your debate?
  7. Hey man anything saying or relating to Performance/ Untopical debate good would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do, yo da real MVP
  8. It's a critical race aff. I remember you, you beat my ass at Madison when I was with a different partner. You were maverick and you ran like trans bathrooms or something
  9. Fuck aren't you that one dude that runs farms? My bad if I'm wrong
  10. I've been looking for about two months, and I still can't find much on why untopical affirmatives are good. My partner and I are stuck on a pretty untopical affirmative, and that's not going to change. For the majority of the season, our answer to fwk was that topicality kills debate, but we've had a few judges that believe that it'd be better if we gave ourselves offense by saying untopical affirmatives are good. Do any of you have files or anything helpful for this? Thanks and have a nice night.
  11. it's more critical shit, like our aff is repirations and they usually don't like that, so we don't have much offense on case
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