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  1. https://www.change.org/p/jordan-peterson-make-peterson-vs-zizek-happen-at-mamaroneck-high-school-a072f7a6-ff7c-434b-bd59-a42bb3833be1?recruiter=872553663&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone- could one say that humor is how we point out the arbitrariness of language in the way Baudrillard alts talk about?
  3. If anyone already has this PM me to trade- I literally have every cap arg imaginable plus some other cool stuff
  4. I especially need cards talking about the ontological implications of the Event/revolution/communism/Maoism
  5. So, for example this weekend I want to run agamben and tuck and yang as case turns w/ no alt. Would I put those on the case flow or a separate flow in my roadmap?
  6. Will trade thanks
  7. Thanks. My partner and I are already huge nerds on the lit behind it and that seems to be the big link, but going to a big tournament tomorrow so any last minute tips?
  8. Thx. I was going to cut this, but I got confused b/c the only disclosed versions I could find don't seem to include the plan.
  9. Stjsuben

    What is the OOO K?

    Thx So its kind of like Heidegger
  10. Stjsuben

    Why is no one reading Max Stirner in Debate?

    Wouldn't it end up being similar to Nietzsche? Maybe a Stirner alt for Nietzsche?
  11. Stjsuben

    What is the OOO K?

    I'll trade for a file
  12. Just did some quick research- since Mbembe's seems to talk about colonialism a lot, would colonialism links to cap work?
  13. Thx Also do biopower links to ks work?
  14. Stjsuben

    Anyone have an OPSEC shell?

    Can you run it with ASPEC?
  15. I'll trade- PM what you want