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  1. What's the best way to frame a 1NC? How long should I spend on case? For 2ac, how should I effectively respond to DA's K's, and CP's? I'm running a prisons aff. How should I attack an alt well
  2. mutd

    Agamben K

    In your opinion, what's the best alt which judges understand? Can you also give an explanation of it. Thanks
  3. mutd


    Stuff on floating PIKs good?
  4. so if im the 1N, can i read a privatization cp and extinction good? what if they say something like: well if humans are bad, why should we privatize schools?
  5. Hello, its another post from me asking for help on something! I was reading over settler colonialism but dont really understand the alt on this specific file i was reading. The tag for the alt is "The alternative is an ethic of incommensurability" Can someone please explain this whole thing/alt to me? Also what are some good responses/cards to counter this K? Thank you Settler Colonialism K - Wake 2017 copy.docx
  6. I was going over the file: How exactly does the aff violate the 4th amendment? Like if the 1AC is sex ed in schools, how is that unconstitutional and against the 4th amendment? it mentions government search and stuff
  7. Can u send me the cards? If not, totally okay
  8. mutd

    Texas Teams?

    it was probably a stupid idea to ask him who he was even when i knew his name was patrick fox
  9. mutd

    Texas Teams?

    who r u (went to utnif) i dont remember a patrick lol
  10. also do u think its a good idea to run this
  11. Hi, I was just looking over a bunch of neg offcases and wanted to know more about the args against this specific one. I've attached the file. So I understand that these cards are saying - aliens exist - human extinction good because we kill off other species and stuff - human survival=universe goes boom what are the arguments you would make against this and what are some good responses? I just want to be prepared for the most common args. Thanks Human extinction K.docx
  12. mutd

    Secularism K

    What exactly does the boulder thing prove?
  13. mutd

    Secularism K

    Can somebody please explain the Securalism K? I had a hard time understanding it even after reading. Thanks
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