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  1. yeah you can practice debate on here.
  2. In my circuit its the same thing in policy but it has different meanings in other debates like LD. Must just be a difference in locatation
  3. Thats pretty much what this site is if you look into it. There are some non-policy forums on here but its mostly policy. Not sure what you're asking.
  4. Berkeley campers: How is this topical? Plan: The United States Federal Government should amend the Trafficking Victims Protection Act to adopt the standards for trafficking provided by the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. To me it seems like the "prevent, suppress and punish" has nothing to do with decreasing restrictions on legal immigration and more to do with stopping human trafficking. Please help!
  5. T and Framework are very different. But I guess t could be considered a branch of framework. Topicality only has to do with whether or not the plan is under the resolution where as framework is just through what lens should the judge view the debate. Unless your're talking about theory. In which case I would kind of say the same thing. Theory is a branch of Framework just in a different way.
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