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  1. I've tried to download this aff on openevidence project and I for some reason can't seem to look at the aff on neither google docs or Microsoft. Is this just my problem or is it for everyone?
  2. Unfortunately 2017 has proven to be a much more difficult year than i had hoped it would be. While I've had tough times this year everything was looking bright for the rest of the year. Until my former debate coach texts me today sharing news she's knew for weeks. She informs me that she will not be the debate coach for this season and she's does not know of anyone who could fill the world. While i'm very happy that she's no longer our coach considering the overall poor attitude and poor guidance. I'm very worried that I won't be able to debate this year and I have already in the summer put a large amount of effort into making cards, working on spreading and devising good strategies for this year's resolution. I don't want this hard work to go to waste nor do I wan't my teammates work to go to waste. So if anyone in the Missouri state would have recommendations for looking for debate coaches. Please respond if you know anyone I would appreciate it dearly.
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