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  1. I think this looks really good, but I agree with TheTrashDebater in the sense that the colonialism aspect might not go over well, especially since you are in a small district. I'm in Colorado which is pretty small and anything that even remotely sounds like a K just doesn't get flowed
  2. Don't do PF. As for help on the politics DA, I think a midterms DA would be good, but I'm not sure what specifically you should center it around
  3. Just say that nuclear war kills things, which inherently decreases biodiversity
  4. They were saying the same words. We didn't push them on the performance aspect and just beat them on antiblackness but I'm sure their reasoning is that someone in their lab told them to run a performance
  5. The weird part was that they both read the performance at the same time
  6. This is kind of a dead thread but i was just wondering about the implications of this given the situation. I was up against an anti-blackness team at camp and they were doing a performance. One of our opponents was African-american and the other one was an asian-american. They both read it at the same time which felt odd. Would it have been justified to run something about the commodification of black culture in the performance? Performances are supposed to express personal experience with an issue but not being african-american excludes the ability to do a performance right? This feels like they did the wrong thing, but is there a more concise way to say that in a debate round?
  7. I live in Colorado so all the judges are dinosaurs that don't like when you read K's but I was brainstorming with my coach and we were thinking of reading a K as both a DA and CP. The link and impacts would be the Da. And the alt woould be a CP. I would appreciate any feedback on this idea
  8. Classic Debater. When the lines of reality get blurred that you can't distinguish between a URL and in-round link
  9. That makes sense. It's risky to run a K because of our dinosaur judges, but I should probably stay pretty standard. Do you think judges will go for settler colonialism, or is that too radical for them?
  10. I'm from a pretty small school so our neg strat is going to be a 1 off K. I'm not super into high theory but I would be willing to read up on specific authors if I had to. What do y'all thing would be the K to run this year. So far i've been looking at settler colonialism possibly the secularism K (Just because that fun) and would like any feedback on what to run. Thanks
  11. 1offframework


    I doubt that you will run into FSPEC very often so it s probably better to err on the side of under-specification
  12. Take this with a grain of salt because I've only hit a few K's, but I think that the alts are all saying that we should embrace a teaching of indigenous history/homelands. The first answer that comes to mind is that you could say that by operating under the state in education we don't adequately teach indigenous pedagogy or whatever without settler bias being mixed in and that we should do this elsewhere. I know this seems counter intuitive because you are using the state in education by running a plan (If its a K-aff, this arg makes a lot of sense and I think it would work) But I feel like you can spin in a sense of urgency to doing the plan because I don't see many short term impacts to the alt. If your opponents don't say that they engage with the state, then read some bs, of how using the state is key and that shifting epistemologies doesn't do anything. I honestly think this is one of the better K's to run this year i feel like this probably didn't make any sense, but I'm sure there are other people on the site that would be willing to help you with this
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