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    How to answer a performance

    i agree w above ^ tuck & yang is really good for negating personalized approaches to the resolution if you're interested in running it, i would recommend reading r-words: refusing research
  2. versace

    Top Teams

    katy taylor bk, reagan sv (maybe idk), lindale, and cabot bs too
  3. versace

    model minority aff

    I know cal put out a model minority aff this summer but it's not on open evidence yet & I'm interested in reading it for my school's practice rounds on Monday. Does anyone have a copy they're willing to share?
  4. You can always come up with a different interpretation instead of "they have to defend USFG action." You could say they need to defend a plan that relates to the speakers body like Rutgers or that they need to defend action through an external institution, etc. If you're worried about aff teams having really well prepped out blocks and a lot of practice on answering straight framework, this helps for that. It also allows you to be more creative with standards and arguments.
  5. versace

    Tips for Impact Framing

    I think it depends on the 1AC/impacts, can you tell us more?