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  1. Cross-Ex 1. What is Queer? Additionally what is the different from being LGBT and Queer? Queerness is a social position that can't be defined, it's not static. It includes LGBT but also more marginalised sexual expressiosn that are excluded by the term LGBT. 2. What is the condition of the K, CP and CA? The K is the only thing that matters in this round, the CP, CA, and DA, are performative extensions of the K. The K talks about how following rigid rules of academia make new ways of knowing impossible. The fact that we are talking about conditions of hypothetical arguments in debate gives the K merit. 3. Why is embracing Jesus competitive with Comprehensive sex education? Jesus was the creator in the first place, he was the molder to our pot. He knows procreation way better than the usfg, let's embrace Jesus. 4. Where are the warrants to both Chopin 13 cards considering both of them, in total, have less than 20 highlighted words? Any federal action means that our constitution will be shred into pieces! Only way to stop that is the most local beaucratic reform. Why not give the power to the districts themselves? 5. What is queer failure? It's a queer survival strategy. People are only considered successful when they meet normative goals, i.e. having romantic relations in accordance with the family model or meeting norms set within the academia. We fail to meet those objectives. We intentionally fail to imagine new worlds where queer people aren't forced to assimulate. Only this failing will allow for new worlds where we can developed new and unexplored ways of knowing. 6. Your Puar tag contains the phrase "The AC’s conception of static", what exactly is the AC's conception of static and what proves we have that conception? Puar says that static conceptions of identity are bad and locks in discplinary power, of gatekeeping how people identify. AC links because they teach queer people right ways to have queer sex, it normalises what it means to be queer, that's bad. 7. Why is Queer Erasure a worse type of violence than hetero-normative violence? Queer erasure is the same thing as hetero-normative violence. 8. How does Queer knowledge production as per your alt prevent the violent abandonment of the queer from society? It allows queer people to not conform to heterosexual norms of social citizenship. We stop putting assimulation on a pedastal and allow for queer people to live their lives, away from expectations and regulations of society writ large.
  2. 1NC: Alrighty Here ya go! The order is 4 off (I'm only reading the highlighted) A2 Sex ED.docx
  3. oh 5) What does queer sex ed look like in the world of the AC?
  4. Okay, CX: 1) How will the USFG make 100% schools follow every point mandated by the REHY? 2) What is the REHY? I'm having problems with the "Comprehensive sex ed" clause of the REHY. 3) Your framing cards talk about rejecting high, explosive magntude impacts. Doesn't your Bell Hooks card contradict with that? ( "Patriachy will kill millions!") 4) How do you account for microaggression/ implicit biases within sex ed? What's keeping a straight man from saying "gay sex is anal" then spend rest of class on straight sex?
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    Education Topic Debate

    Thank you both for taking your time to judge Lyra and Elemary! Yea..... I was really sketch during round, mostly because the responses were over a course of many days as well as me writing the responses v late at night ( lol). I'll take the advocacy stuff to heart thanks elemary! sorry for the memes
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    Cal Berkeley files

    Vman is the champ
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    Education Topic Debate

    here ya gooo, thanksss for waitting 2AR.docx
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    Education Topic Debate

    I had lots of fun debating with you trashdebator, hopefully we can do it again when bandcamp isn't being a pain up my ass
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    Cal Berkeley Files

    could i ask what type of files they have- i didn't have time to look at it
  10. I'll just give feedback, since I don't think that this debate will ever be finished: 1. Topicality: The most important argument was the TVA. If the NC wins that the aff can run PIC and avoid all the abuses that was claimed, then NC wins topicality. I'm assuming the AC would've replied "focusing on specific reforms bad" to tva, but at the point that their own Rodriquez card said that reforms are okay, I think NC win's topicality and consequently the round. 2. Academy K: AC wins perm is possible, also running framework and Undercommons is problematic. 3. Pic: NC wins pic argument. I agree with even if prisons inflict violence onto the prisoners, having them incarcerate white supremacist is totally fine. Fuck nazis. 4. On Case: The question that should be asked is: Does an abolitionist ethic lead to arm chair philospizing. NC does a good job with Bryant card, and focusing on one reform doesn't neccessarily mean you can't advocate for abolitionism. The ac tries to answer that they do highlight reforms, but there is a different between highlighting reforms and actcually having it a part of the plan. The secound main argument was over "the community solution". It's probably true that even in diverse communities oppressive ideals can probably exist. And who in the community gets the biggest voice? I would argue that it's the white cis men. I agree with NC argument that community will exile people out of it and that links to ac criticism. Also fuck child molestors. I would have voted NC. And looking at the bigger picture, the bigger world, I don't think we can abolish the Prison Industrial complex. Capitalism tends to replicate itself after we get rid of it's latest manifestations and the PIC and the slave labor that it allows for is key to american history. We should establish laws that improve the condition of the prisoners, improve the legal system so that it would stop criminalising innocent black and brown, trans and queer folx. There is a lot of loopholes in the Freedom of Information Act that allows the prisons to get away with keeping their conditions confidential.(In Orange Is the New Black, Laverne Cox's wife tries to access information on Laverne but the act denied her due to some specific prison loophole bs). Also don't forget to talk about how prisons are increasingly privatized. Okay that's all I have. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  11. Could the NC just respond by dropping one to talk about the turn? They could just drop the academy K and uphold framework.
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    Education Topic Debate

    okay here's the 1ar: case then theory 1ar.docx
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    Education Topic Debate

    you can post 1nr too
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    Education Topic Debate

    You give two DA on topicality Creativity DA- Does the author have any evidence? How can we ever really say if being untopical lead to more or less creativity? Oppositionality DA- Where in the card that it say that untopicality kills coalitions/winning without in the round?