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  1. For all the NBA is soft now hate, the NBA is such a better led organization than the NFL it's not even funny. https://t.co/Ew6Oxl3Zbj

  2. RT @PasadenaPoly: Games people play: As their high school years come to a close, Poly seniors ventured to the North Campus for what has bec…

  3. How you gonna lose home court advantage and lose by 41, Chris Paul really doesn't know what to do when he gets to the conference finals

  4. Sadly I am not able to see any of stephs buckets from this quarter, so I'm just assuming they are peak sky fucker

  5. "I want to use my knowledge to be an NRA lobbyist"- a really insightful and thoughtful individual who participates… https://t.co/yaQihmCu9B

  6. Reggie, that wasn't an analogy, you could have just said he will get tired. Also the rockets only run pick n rolls, go dubs

  7. Update, 4 beers in, this guy is ranting about how custody battles have been ruined by the feminists

  8. What's crazier, taking a picture of a phone with an instagram post of a tweet that quotes your tweet, or liking Tru… https://t.co/FYHGdgfTxy

  9. RT @BleacherReport: LaMelo, LiAngelo will no longer play for BC Vytautas in Lithuania: "We're not going to waste our time no more” https://…

  10. RT @PabloTorre: BREAKING: Mitt Romney is having dinner with Russell Westbrook and will now endorse him for MVP https://t.co/rE1UWzs3eD

  11. RT @jonlovett: It was a strange time. There was so much going on that we hardly noticed as Kanye slowly morphed into Bret Stephens.

  12. This isn't even complaining about building facilities poly needs, but there is definitely money to fund Poly's most successful activity

  13. Alternate Headline: Propagandist Buffoon messes up one more time yet millions still watch https://t.co/iVJVTgTv6R

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