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  1. Can you send it to me please
  2. But thanks for the advice Ryan/TheSnowball. Also why doesn't it show your school name Ryan?
  3. I'm not. I'm still in 8th grade and I told my high school friend I'm joining CX. He told me to ask on this website if I have questions. Also, what's wrong with my questions? (I'm actually new to all this)
  4. San Antonio is a location not an author...Also isn't 1995 a little old for such a good card?
  5. Hey I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on how to prepare. I want to destroy my opponents and get 30 speaks every round. I heard there's a super good card that lets you win every round. I'm new to debate, but if you all could give me this card I would be super happy. Thanks, John
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