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  1. Anyone have some sort of music educaton neg??
  2. exactly, its a real link
  3. well yeah but in my annoying circuit they don't make real args as much as nit pick yours. So I already know they'll all say "well control over education isn't the same as the other federal controls in the IPX, we don't mess w those at all," and a snowballs to other areas would shut them up
  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone had or wanted to look for like a "Federal overreach snowballs" for the DA, I know it might be hard to find so if someone doesn't want to jsut post it here, i'd love to trade for it.
  5. I think bathrooms will be too controversial and complicated for a novice case, maybe vouchers or charter schools
  6. DankCP

    debate cliches

    "This isn't policy"
  7. DankCP


    blaise.w.e@gmail.com thanks homies
  8. Does anyone have a policy education aff I can go Neg on?? I'm active and can get my speeches up fast as long as long as we don't go past Sunday
  9. Does anyone have an idea of when Open Evidence will start putting out files??
  10. I'll Judge as long as this ends before Sunday, because thats when my debate camp starts
  11. I'd suggest looking at the camp evidence packet list Snowball made, its got the camp evidence and args that have been released so far.
  12. As much as I in particular want to, I'm lowkey scared of letting my Aff out for anyone to see. But idk i've been working on a neg strat with evidence from here and other sources that I might want to try out before camp. But after all the camp files or released later is probably the best time to start
  13. Yeah I agree, i'd love to see people start education debates, and start to get a feel for what the arguments will be like.
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