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  1. I know Brian McBride is sometimes credited with being the first to "kritik".
  2. If you're running a k aff then there are obvious arguments to be made about a link of omission as a means of distraction. For example, a silencing disad on the link could present the argument that the k relying solely on a link of omission means that they are simply trying to steer away from the issue you present. Another easy answer is that k's that rely on links of omission are easy to perm because there is no direct reason why your k aff perpetuates the impacts of the kritik. You can't talk about every single issue in an aff, which means voting you down because one specific issue was excluded shouldn't be a reason to vote you down. Make the neg prove why your aff perpetuates whatever they kritik. Also "dont reward lazy debating" lmao
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