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  1. misrap354

    2018-2019 AFF list

    Has anyone starting a running list off known camp affs on this topic?it would gladly help if you could share im kinda out of the loop rn
  2. misrap354

    Multiple Alts

    ok with that combo red ped could be ur role of the ballot and u can use decol specifically as ur alt; block can make duality of solvency claims
  3. misrap354

    lmao what the heck is going on

    can we start a movement to bring the old more crisp and clean format back
  4. misrap354

    best k aff for next year

    impact turns among other things
  5. misrap354

    best k aff for next year

    would work, been working on one myself and answering framework wouldn't be that bad
  6. im fine with it and i apologize for my inconvenience
  7. hey RFD might take a while life has taken some unheard of turns and i need to sort this all out first. apolgiies to all
  8. im looking for ppl to do rounds and drill with over the summer hmu if interested
  9. if there is no speech doc by 5 pm tmrw we can discuss forfeiture proceedings
  10. 36 hours from now we can talk concession
  11. my b my b i meant no malicious or harmful intent, i edited it and sorry if it hurt anyone
  12. this just got really freaking interesting to watch
  13. if we can get a third id like to judge