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  1. Seriously though, who thought that updating cross-x after this long was a good idea
  2. Wtf is going on. Like this is really strange
  3. How exactly is it run like what platform do you use to actually conduct the camp? I'm actually considering this.
  4. KushPatel

    Texas Teams?

    Don't forget about Lindale
  5. Nvm had a friend teach me how to use it
  6. So this sounds very appealing, but I'm not very familiar with discord. Is there any way you can put some specific instructions on how to use it?
  7. my bad, I didn't realize that. I qualified to TFA State
  8. What the fiat Seed the Political The PDF: Portable Debate Forum
  9. Any online rounds specifically that you would recommend to watch to understand performance debate better
  10. So I'm attempting to start out with some performance-like style of debate with a focus on poetry and possibly rap. But would it be wrong to use it in the mentioned speeches as would the opponent consider it new evidence. Any other tips about performance debate will be helpful
  11. Pleasure debating with you Nick, some interesting issues were debated. Feel free anyone to provide tips, comments, and etc on the debate!
  12. Haven't looked at the video yet, but damn that is a nice update to the website.
  13. Word Count: Max Sorry for the long wait -Order Case: Culture, Terror Off: K, PIC, Adv CP, AUMF DA 1AR vs NickDB8.docx
  14. How does the PIC support the 1AC when an alternative is being advocated for? Is that not contradicting? Why does the alternative of anarchist pedagogy necessarily have to be without the state if the principles are achieved regardless? If the status quo involves refugees perceived as the Other and incapable and the plan results in a new understanding of knowledge created by refugee students then how is this not a new form of knowledge production? Is the state always in a position to be rejected regardless of any action it takes (i.e. banning slavery)? How is the CP "politically popular"?
  15. KushPatel

    Drill Ideas

    Since there are some very talented debaters and community members present here, I would like to ask What are some of the most important daily drills or practice ideas in general that you all do to improve? I'm trying to get some ideas for new drills to incorporate into my routine
  16. Here it is. Sorry for the delay, the order is Case: Culture, Terrorism. Then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for the off. I am open for CX. Word Count: Max 2AC vs NickDB8.docx
  17. What is a humble knowledge production in terms of your anarchist pedagogy alt? Why will the student loan forgiveness programs described in "2" not be cut if the aff is not passed? Can you explain the uniqueness overwhelms solvency on the case? Are terror attacks being inevitable a reason to not do the plan? Is the K and the advocacy of the 1AC without the reps mutually exclusive? (2AC will probably be up tomorrow late or early Wednesday, sorry about the delay- I have school)
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