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    Started policy in 2015-16 season.
    Started a policy squad at my high school with no previous program being present.
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  1. KushPatel

    lmao what the heck is going on

    Seriously though, who thought that updating cross-x after this long was a good idea
  2. KushPatel

    lmao what the heck is going on

    Wtf is going on. Like this is really strange
  3. KushPatel

    Digital Debate Camp 2018

    How exactly is it run like what platform do you use to actually conduct the camp? I'm actually considering this.
  4. KushPatel

    Texas Teams?

    Don't forget about Lindale
  5. KushPatel

    Debate Discord

    Nvm had a friend teach me how to use it
  6. KushPatel

    Debate Discord

    So this sounds very appealing, but I'm not very familiar with discord. Is there any way you can put some specific instructions on how to use it?
  7. KushPatel

    2018 state

    my bad, I didn't realize that. I qualified to TFA State
  8. KushPatel

    2018 state

    which state?
  9. Is there a date more or less in mind yet?
  10. KushPatel

    Looking to Start a Blog. Name Suggestions?

    What the fiat Seed the Political The PDF: Portable Debate Forum
  11. KushPatel

    Poetry in the 2AR/2NR

    Any online rounds specifically that you would recommend to watch to understand performance debate better
  12. KushPatel

    Poetry in the 2AR/2NR

    So I'm attempting to start out with some performance-like style of debate with a focus on poetry and possibly rap. But would it be wrong to use it in the mentioned speeches as would the opponent consider it new evidence. Any other tips about performance debate will be helpful
  13. KushPatel

    CX strategy lecture from DoD Latoya Green

    Just watched the video- pretty useful rundown of CX
  14. Pleasure debating with you Nick, some interesting issues were debated. Feel free anyone to provide tips, comments, and etc on the debate!
  15. Order is Culture, AUMF DA, and the PIC 2AR vs NickDB8.docx