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  1. I cant count words rn AND we never set limit so let me know what you think about this- Case, T, K 2ac vs dave.docx
  2. Cx of 1NC- What is black nihilism? The Makah's spiritual connection to the water is the origin of whales as food sent from the heavens- how does this specifically exclude black folks? What's the impact- I get antiblackness writ large is obviously terrible but what scenarios does the AFF SPECIFICALLY trigger to make the world worse? If you say doing nothing is good then why give you the ballot Should antiblack policies be left alone
  3. CX Whats the ALT Whats the impact and why is it the AFF When have revolutions ever been successful
  4. thought this would make for a fun aff, even though it existed on oceans only rule of this round is that there's no pre-assigned topic
  5. Messaged nativewarlock and we are going to start round 1 of the tournament- it functions how you think it would- Our debate happens, winner hits whoever wins this debate- Y'all can either negotiate a side, or I can randomize it
  6. I wouldn't be quick to be a time limit on a tournament as small as four people- so as long it's maybe 3/4 days after a speech is posted I'd imagine that'd be sufficient.
  7. This would be like an experiment- made way smaller than vdebate tournament to ensure dedication and completion- if there's any specific policy you've always wanted articulated, this could be fun- If researching is too daunting for people, speeches could be shortened a bit-- But basically starting now, if anyone wants in I'll make a bracket and randomize it? Just message this topic if you want it EDIT-- Bracket inclusion will work on a first come, first served basis- while I'm aware that this style could be very controversial, reserve your spot early and rules/any possible regulations will be negotiated after
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