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  1. 1NC is here, 2 off- sorry it took me so long 1NC vs whaling.docx
  2. Cx: You say that cultural degradation is bad- but how have you come to understand that its bad? What is culture? How is whaling health insurance..? Are all forms of native cosmology health insurance?
  3. Lister and Hunt says "in the modern era of globalisation and economic neoliberalism, governments forgot history and their obligation to take all reasonable measures to deliver economic, social and cultural rights for everyone"- how can you reconcile the fact that first, historically speaking education has been a site of exclusion as per segregation and inequal opportunities and second, the status quo isn't any better as per your inherency argument You talk about things like class exclusion and institutonal racism being employed via Trumpism- obviously we aren't going to say that's a good thing, but how do you know that those are bad things? The way you've framed Claudio indicates that solvency is a good thing- how does the 1AC, as a fiated model solve anything? What constitutes political nihilism? Claudio also says "the rest of us have to figure out what to do"- does everyone have the same responses to right wing radicalism? the plan is basically the rez with "to promote equal access to educational opportunity" attached on the end- what does this include?
  4. Hey im sorry i was on vacation, heres 1AR- since you already uploaded your docs, i'll do cx in a sec 1ar whackpoetics.docx
  5. No cx for me- its framework, the aff, then this weheliye kritik 2AC whackpoesis.docx
  6. Our argument is that you only presume that one category of human exists when you argue that racism degrades what it means to be human- we think in the status quo black folk don't even have the ability to be dehumanized as Memmi puts it because they are rendered inhuman- thus the 1ac forsakes black flesh and gratuitous violence by assuming that everyone has equal access to ones humanity
  7. PM'ed- taking over for partner- okay so why vote AFF Do endorse mourning as a political strategy Whats the impact Eugenic violence How do you engage? If you mean with regards to the USfg, we engage emotionally with nonhumans in China What is a human Stanescu says someone white, cis, and male probably falls into that category. So mournings cool for like assuming other peoples bodies, but how do people (ie black folk) who do not have a relationship with their body access morning? We think that those bodies are incalcuable because of emotional dysselection- thats why black folks are divorced from their bodies
  8. Heres the 1AC- it might have the same name as my previous virtual debate but its versus a new opponent- im open to cx same aff 1AC vs notmyaltaccount.docx
  9. 1NC 2 off then case its a bit under 2500 1nc white schools.docx
  10. Hey sorry Im late- CX: How does the 1AC solve private schools that practice segregation? Does racism exist only on the level of policy? If not, what does the 1AC's policy measure do to stop social embedded racism? What do you defend as integration? And why is it good? The plan text says segregation is "unconstitutional"- what does that mean? NeJaime indicates that plans create social movements- but when have those have ever been sufficient to solve racial prejudice? Like MLK led a movement but police shootings still happen?
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